Mia Eason set the phone down in its cradle and glanced over the paperwork in front of her. Everything was in order, and she was ready to go into the conference room to present her marketing campaign to one of the biggest clients her new company had ever acquired. If she could sink this account, Whitaker and Eason would be on the map.

Three years after she’d quit working as Sam Whitaker’s secretary, she and her fiancé, Beau, had decided it was time for them to start their own marketing agency. It had been difficult for her to leave her job at Reggie Smith’s company, Smith and Associates. She’d been so happy working for him for almost three years between the time that she quit Whitaker and Whitaker. Reggie had really taken her under his wing and taught her everything she needed to know about being a successful marketer in such a large market. She’d finished her degree and quickly climbed the ranks at Smith and Associates. Even though Beau had helped her get the job in the first place, t
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Hauwa Linda Anavberokhai
Mia must be mad to be proud of herself. She is nothing but a sex slave and a play thing for Sam.If not for Beau she would have been a lunatic in the street, another destroyed soul by Sam.Though Sam is a pervert,he never forced himself on Mia.She is a disgrace to all career women
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I really enjoyed what you did with this story…. So glad that Mia chose beau…
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Shaheen Khan
to be honest I don't agree with u that Sam is in fault at least in the case Mia. before he entered her finally he asked her to quit if she wanted and also told her that he does not want the money back that was paid for the accesories and rupture of contrat. its Mia who was maniac
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