They meet again

"Now why is a girl as lovely as you are crying?" a deep male voice said.

Rosalie hiccupped in surprise and quickly wiped her face, trying to locate the speaker.

He was standing in the doorway in a white tee and jeans. A black leather jacket adorned his broad frame. He was tall and incredibly masculine, well-built, and powerful looking. He had thick black hair. Dark, expressive eyebrows sat atop deep-set, steel-grey eyes. His jaw and chin were broad and hard. To Rosalie, he looked dangerously handsome and familiar. Chris was handsome like a pretty boy, but this man was all hard muscles and he oozed power.

"I'm so sorry sir, I was just...preparing the rooms for the guests. I did not know you would be here so early," she stammered. He slowly stepped closer to her, and Rosalie began feeling incredibly tiny in comparison to him.

"It's no problem, Rosalie," he said. His steely eyes seemed to see right through her, and she looked at him in surprise.

" do you know my name?" she stammered.

His lips curved into a smile. "We have met. I never forget a face. Especially someone so pretty and mischievous."

Suddenly, she remembered him.

"Alex Greyson.......I mean Alpha Alex!" She said softly.

"Finally, you remember me," he smiled.

"I apologize for disturbing you, sir. I will leave—"

"You're not going anywhere," he interrupted. Rosalie's eyes widened.

"Excuse me?" she asked. He smiled and removed his jacket.

"I said, you are not going anywhere. You are going to tell me what made a beautiful girl cry. And I am going to do whatever I can to help," he said softly. Rosalie shook her head.

"That is very kind of you, but I have to finish a lot of work," Rosalie answered.

"Just for a few minutes, Rosalie. Why were you crying?" Alex asked.

She wondered what to say. She could not talk about her love. It would be like betraying the Alpha.

"It's nothing, my mom was mad at me because I didn't wear the dress she bought for me. We fought and I was feeling guilty over it." She lied, making up an imaginary story.

"There there, sweetheart.... that’s nothing to cry over." He said, tenderly stroking her back.

"Thank you, sir. I am feeling much better now." Rosalie said, coiling away from him. His touch made her feel weird. Her wolf had stopped mourning for their mate, and she was suddenly alert, observing the new man curiously.

"Thats good," he eyed her for a few seconds. "You have grown well, Miss Rosalie."

She looked up and could not help blushing at his compliment.

"It has been years since we met," Alex continued, his voice holding an aura of confidence.

She could not help but note how those few years had changed him. He looked very handsome and strong. His body rippled with enough masculinity that it made him look manly yet youthful. He did not look like those strange over-muscled. But strong and intimidating to others who would dare to challenge him.

"How have you been Alex?" She finally asked.

"Well as ever," he answered. "But you look stunning, Rosalie," she blushed again.

"Perhaps we shall talk again tonight at the Union," he said, "Catch up on old and new things, eh?" He grinned.

She seemed to have lost her voice, so she just nodded.

"See you later, Rosalie," he nodded.

"See you, Alex," she smiled back at him and left the guest room. She walked away in a daze.

'What the hell just happened?' she thought. She had never felt like that ever since she had first imprinted on Chris.

'It's nothing! He would never like a girl like me, I am too plain,' she thought.


As the day progressed, it was packed with feasts, fun and frolic. The wolves ran around their pack land and the forests, socializing and feasting with the guests. Rosalie, however, kept herself busy with her pack duties to keep her mind off the impending wedding. Her wolf was restless, though not for Chris. It was like she had come to an understanding that their mate was gone.

'I am sorry, we can't have our mate,' Rosalie, soothed her restless wolf.

'It's all right, we don't need him anymore.' Her wolf replied, surprising Rosalie. Though her heart still hurt, it was not breaking apart like before.

"Rosalie, please take these dress robes to the Alpha," her dad called her, holding a tray of a neatly folded shimmering golden robe. Her heart lurched.

"Me?" She squeaked.

"I don't see anyone else around?" Scott smiled, "now be a good girl and take it to the Alpha. The ceremony will start soon. I have to attend to other arrangements," her dad thrust the tray in her hand and walked away.

Rosalie sighed, why me? She had been carefully avoiding Chris. But now she had no choice but to face him. The rich gold robe mocked her misfortune. With a heavy heart, she walked towards his chamber. She bumped into him just at the door, he stopped in his tracks and stared at her. His face was expressionless. It was hard to pinpoint if he was sad, happy, or looking forward to his mating.

" Congratulations Chris," Rosalie said curtly, and walked inside. She put the tray on the table. She turned to leave, only to be stopped by a huge mass of muscles. She looked up at Chris and bit her lip.

"You are, ok? Rosalie?" he asked.

She realized that he did not call her by his favourite pet’s name anymore.

"I am fine Chris. You and Grace would make a wonderful couple."

He looked down for a moment as if itching to say something.

"You are looking beautiful, Rosalie," he whispered.

Indeed, she was looking pretty, her mom had gone all out in dressing up her daughter. Her red dress contrasted with her green eyes. Her waist-length auburn hair was arranged in a chic hairdo. Rosalie was curvy, with all the curves in the right places. Red painted lips complemented her peach skin.

"Thank you, you look nice as well, Chris." She replied stiffly.

"The man who'll have you is a very lucky fellow," he said suddenly.

She looked at him accusingly and faked a bright smile.

"Indeed, he will be. You must be excited about the union tonight. I do not want to waste any more of your time. Goodbye, Chris." She started to move.

He did not say anymore. He gave a final look at her and watched her retreating figure.

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Juicy Miss
Right now, I feel bad for Chris too. He's in a tough situation. He should've never told her they were mates.
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Regina Reyna Alvarado
Chris is a butt!!!!

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