The Ceremony

Rosalie rushed out of the Alpha's suite with a hammering heart. She looked down at her feet, tears were starting to pool in her eyes. She shook her head to dispel the treacherous tears and hurried towards the circle. The crowd and the excitement would make her feel better. It was midnight, and the ceremony was about to start. Rosalie ran towards the circle to claim her position. The mating ceremony was usually not conducted for lower-rank wolves. It was done only for Alphas and a few other high-ranking wolves. When we say mating, it means mating. The couple would mate and bite each other in the presence of witnesses, the pack, the elders, and the Holy Moon. Nudity or public sex was not a problem for them. They were part animals. However, they did not go around prancing naked all the time. It is just that wolves had a higher tolerance for these things compared to humans. By midnight, the atmosphere grew more intense and heated. Rosalie reached the group of unmated betas and found Meliss
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Regina Reyna Alvarado
Maybe by the way Alex has been looking at Rosie he might be her second chance mate.

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