The Grand Dining Hall of the Grey Stone was decked out in opulent furnishings. There were a number of circular tables, each of which had the potential to accommodate ten people, and they were arranged in rows. A couple of individuals were playing an instrument or instruments in the background, including a violin and a piano. The light had been toned down to a golden tint after being dimmed. The many dishes that were kept on the tables gave out an appetising and satiating air to anyone who observed them.

Rosalie stood next to Alex while wearing a glossy black gown that precisely contoured her body and drew attention to her expanding tummy. She had uneasy feelings. They had taken up positions close to the entrance of the Dining Hall and were getting ready to welcome their guests. To this point, every one of the other packs had already taken their places.

Alex grabbed her hand in his and gently stroked it in an effort to put her at ease. He then released her hand. She was nervous. She b
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Regina Reyna Alvarado
Hope Alex, Sarah and Janet are okay?!

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