In captivity

Grace was hiding in a confined space underneath a table. She stared in shock at the slaughter that was taking place all around her. Chris had not done much more than shove her aside before running off to who knows where. Her thoughts were rudely interrupted by a low growl, and she turned to see a massive rogue staring at her. She screamed and crawled backwards, desperately attempting to escape to the other side. Her dad’s pack was backwards. They didn’t train their girls to fight. They were only trained to be trophy Lunas.

He grabbed her leg and tried to pull her out. She fought against him and kicked at him, but her efforts were in vain. Suddenly, her leg was free, and the noises of Martin's wolf growling and ripping caused her to turn her head. The rogue had been seized by the neck by Martin's wolf. The rogue thrashed and turned in an attempt to throw Martin off, but Martin held his ground and increased the pressure on his neck until it broke, at which point the rogue became limp.

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Regina Reyna Alvarado
Glad to know Alex, Sarah and Janet are okay. Rosalie is okay but is a prisoner of Chris. I guess whatever potion he had her drink broke the bond between Rosalie and Alex. Making Alex feel that Rosalie and the pups are dead!! I hope Alex doesn't give up on Rosalie being alive!! He needs to save her!

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