In Captivity 2

"My mate is dead, please allow me to return home and mourn!" She begged him.

His voice sounded disappointed as he said, "Oh, he's not dead, though I wish that he had been.”

Rosalie's expression was one of bewilderment as she glanced at him.

“What? How is that possible?”

“What the hell do you mean? Why would Alex think that I am dead?"

He smiled, “Don't you remember the vial?”

She glared at him, “What vial?!”

As he rose up and moved closer, he let out a chuckle. Rosalie tried to move further away from him, but the chain kept her from doing so. He gave a nervous tic with his tongue. He clicked his tongue. “This will never do,” he mused as he took a key from his pocket and removed the chain from her leg. “You're not an animal to be kept trapped, Rosie.”

“THEN LET ME GO!!” She retorted.

“The vial,” he continued, as if he hadn't heard her outburst. “Thomas is an excellent potion maker; he discovered an ancient potion. It can weaken the mate bond of a wolf to such an extent that the
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