Grace lay down on the soft mattress on her side in a foetal position. As the fresh tears ran down her cheeks, she embraced her knees to her bosom and held them there. She was able to detect the odour of blood coming from the main hall.

The women and children were taken to the safe house and locked inside until the fighting subsided. She prayed anxiously for the safety of her father and Martin. She cried over her mate's stupidity. He had pushed everyone to the brink of war. She had no idea that he had been recruiting dark wolves.

After the war, some packs were destroyed or scattered, which resulted in the development of several groups of renegade wolves who did not obey the council or any other order that was given to them. Whenever rogues were found, the packs would eliminate them and flush them out of the area. Dark wolves were a very powerful group of rogues, they were like a pack, but they didn’t follow the council. Chris had exposed his entire pack to danger when he began recruit
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