Challenging the Alpha

The five councilmen exchanged grim looks with one another because they had never been faced with a situation like this before.

"It's against the rules to kill an Alpha!" The adamant statement was made by Councilman Marcus.

"Yes, my brother, but we can't just let him go with some penalties because he conspired with the rogues and tried to steal another Alpha's mate. We can't do that. It constitutes a serious crime!” Ruben replied.

"But the law...we are not allowed to breach the law!" Marcus was adamant about it. He adhered to the guidelines religiously and almost never deviated from them.

Their attention was broken as Sebastian Anderson stormed in furious and ready to seek justice for his daughter. He slammed the door behind him as he entered the room. He uttered an angry growl as he looked at the members of the council.

“I need his blood! He has hurt my daughter. Disgraced her in front of his pack!”

To his amazing shock, Grace followed him in and fell on her knees, and looked up
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