After a month -

As Rosalie prepared to give birth, Dr. Rachel offered reassurance and comfort to her patient.

She mumbled, "Everything is going to be fine very soon." The first few hours before delivery were torturous as the babies contracted and kicked around. When Rosalie's water broke, and the excruciating pain started, she was brought to the hospital immediately.

She leaned against Alex's chest, as Rachael guided her through the delivery, “Breath in, good, breathe out, that's it. Push!” she said gently. The pain was unbelievable as she held on tightly to Alex's hands. He whispered words of encouragement and support in her ears while she panted and pushed.

"Alright, I can see the head now, give it one more push, Rosie," the doctor said. She was exhausted, but for the sake of her puppies, she made one more, determined effort. As soon as she heard the angelic sound of her puppy's first cries, her head flopped over Alex's shoulder in a helpless position.

"It’s a boy!" Rachael said
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Ruthie Davis
This was a very good story. I really enjoyed it.
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I enjoyed reading your book ... thank you
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Regina Reyna Alvarado
Happy Birthday Alvin and Evelyn ...... Congratulations Rosalie and Alex ......... Thank you author for this lovely story... I really enjoyed it!!! I'm glad it end on a very happy note.
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