Avalyn POV

“You are just pretending Avalyn. Your virginity will be taken by the ruthless Alpha Grey of Draco pack. After taking advantage of you, do you think he will then take even one look at you after that? You will only be his sex toy and no strings attached. I know he is heartless that is why I don't want to let you go. Stay here with us Avalyn."

The words that Andrew spoke made me even scared. He moved closer to me and rubbed my hair, then he moaned towards me.

I wanted to cry, but I know crying would make him seems I was weak so I just decided to remain strong.


“Why are you like this Andrew. You can't do all this to me. I am your step sister,” I said painfully. “You will only ruin your life and get in mess, so it's preferably you don't bring all that insane thing here."

I know I would loose everything including my beloved father. I couldn't stand and let him take advantage of me or take my virtue away. 

“Mess...Wait, do you probably think that I am scared of him....Of course not. In as much as he is the Alpha of the Draco pack, that doesn't mean he can scare me with that." Andrew said and laughed in a way I could not explain, but his behavior revealed his fear.

He glanced at me and I felt uncomfortable. What was even wrong with him. He then grabbed me roughly before shoving me away. "Go quickly and take your rubbish " 

It was not like I had much things to take. I know I used to work but I could not keep the money for myself but had to give it to my dad instead.

The only clothes I had were torn and old and I could say the best ones among them were the restaurant working uniform that was given to me to wear while working. There were also pair of shoes and slippers I got from an old friend and a few skirts and tops. It was not even many to fill my small suitcase.

After getting everything ready, I walked back to where Andrew was seated.

“I am ready.”

My words were not loud enough but Andrew was 

Looking at me from where he sat, I know he was angry that he was given the responsibility of looking after me but not like there was anything I could do. I know after today, I will not disturb him again.

But the way he kept staring at me made me felt more scared. I know he had sort of feeling for me and had wanted to take advantage of me. If he got any chance, he could do that to me now.. thinking since we both were alone. I couldn't let him take advantage of me, so I know I had to hurry up and go away from him. Thank the moon goddess that I was going to be sold, at least I would get away from him and his foolish desires to have me in his bed.

But he didn't even struggled to talk anything more as he walked inside and gave me the way to walk past him.

Taking my small suitcase where he laid on one side of the small bed, I made my way toward the stairs in a hurry, but at that moment he must have known why I was acting that way, then I felt him close to me. Before I could get better understanding of what he was doing, he had smacked my backside.

In shock, I stood trying hard to find what I could do to get away from him. He was a devil and I couldn't be his prey. I began to run away from him.

“ What is making you run huh? You are so eager to go to that your useless Alpha Grey right, you prostitute? Why not slow down a bit."

He also picked up his pace, closing the space between us and running after me.

When he was almost close to me, he brought out his arm aiming to drag my waist. I tried to get more away from him and looked from one corner of my eyes.

“ please don’t do anything to me Andrew” I said in fear. My luck was running out now.

He gave me a glance that made my heart pounding. It was a death glance.

I know he was going to hit me or want to take advantage of me. Something he always dreamt of for a long time.

"Who gave you the right to question my authority or even talk me what to do?!" He screamed.

I gasped in fear preparing for what he was about to do to me, but that did not happen.

He clenched his fists, but he held it back with great effort.

I was surprised. The Andrew I know would take delight in beating me but what made him change his mind today and stopped hitting me. That was when I noticed that our conversation had brought the attention of the people who were downstairs in the foyer.

Before the shadows of the dimly lit foyer, I saw my father, my stepmother Yara and a strange man that I haven't seen before. He was very huge and  tall, and the way he looked at me made me shiver even more. After him were another two big men who I could tell were guarding him. The two big men didn't move, and all I could see where the silhouettes of their huge figures.

As I walked down from the stairs away from Andrew, I heard Yara cold hearted tune:  “Doe she not  look very pretty? You know as a lady, she was taking her time making sure she was perfect for your arrival, Logan."

The Beta before the two huge men didn't seem to care or take in what Yara my stepmother said. His eyes did not leave my body from the moment he laid his eyes on them.

“You.. just do what she said earlier.” The man before the two big men and leader of the group directed his order toward Andrew.

He was not either rude or loud, but every body in the room heard him clearly, and I had the feeling that no one dared to disobey him.

“But I can see she has bruises all over her body. Could you explain that?” Beta Logan's voice was deep, and set my nerves on edge. I was afraid what he would do to Andrew if he founds out what he did to me.

“ooh about that...she fell down the stairs earlier wearing those cute new heels, didn’t you, Avalyn?”

I gazed at Yara and my father and saw their stern glares.

“Yes, the stairs. My apologies…” I stuttered, before looking back at Logan.

Please believe the lie, I thought. Please believe it.


It seems he didn't believe the all the lie we all were saying, I mean who would believe such in the first place. To be honest, if I were in the same state as him, I wouldn't have believed either.

“Yes, the stairs. Why don’t we all take a seat, and talk about a few things.”

My father, Alpha Jax was trying to enable him forget about this conversation so he could move on with his next plan, but this same Beta Logan didn't seems to be fooled by my father. I know he wouldn't drop this do easily.

“No, we don’t need further discussion. We already discussed the situation over the phone right.” Beta Logan said still glancing at me.

“Right. In that case, why don't you wait and allow my wife to prepare a small dinner for you. I wouldn't want you to go back without having anything. I guess you must be so tired after your long trip here right..?" 

“No. You don't have to worry about that, we will not be eating.”

Then Beta Logan nodded to me, gesturing for me to come closer. I shiverd in fear of what he would do to me.

'Avalyn you don't have go be scared' my inner voice assured me.

“Just get going,” Andrew yelled from behind me.

That moment, I wanted the ground to open and swallow me.

I couldn't move that moment towards the big strange men. I was trying my best to walk to them but each step had my heart pounding and I wanted to cry, but I know I needed to be strong. This was my destiny and I know I had accept it that way. I know I had no choice but to submit to the strange big men.

Without concentrating, I almost wanted to fall down a little, and at that same time I quickly wiped the little tears that fell from my eyes. I prayed the men didn't see me like this. This was the hardest decision to make.

At that moment, I thought my father, Alpha Jax would see through my pain and stopped me from going further but that never happened, instead he even urged me to move faster. I couldn't believe that a father could do this to his daughter just because of money.

I was foolish to have believed he ever loved me. That moment, I could not hold back the tears and it fell freely from my eyes. How stupid I was to look like this to meet the strange big men, but I cared less. Why couldn't they understand the pain I was going through?

Still lost in thought, I lost my balance and fell down but that moment I found myself in the main guest's arms.

Before I could understand what was going on, the man I fell on his arms helped me to stand back on my feet, and when I glanced at him I was shocked to discover that it was Beta Logan.

He glanced at the wounds in my body, then release me. Something told me now that he had saw the wounds I was hiding, he would surely bring back the idea. But I prayed silently that he would not.

But why did he save me from falling?

“Tha… thank you!” I managed to give him a smile.

“You’re welcome, Miss Avalyn….” He did not smile, but I could tell from his tone that he meant no harm.


I heard the cracking noise followed by Andrew’s scream. “Arghhhhhhh!”

What just happened?

Turning around, I saw Andrew at the bottom of the stairs. One of the dark alluding figures was beating him, and it seemed like it would be to the death. Blood covered the floor, and I heard another set of screams coming from Yara.

“Please! Beta Logan, please stop this!” she exclaimed, pleading with man next to me.

Logan, the Beta of Draco, was unmoved.

Blow after blow, Andrew took the beating that was being given to him. He didn’t stand a chance against this person. They were relentless.

Andrew’s shrieks wer getting weaker, while Yara continued begging Logan in tears. No matter how much Andrew rebelled against Yara, he was still her son.

I was mortified. I did not like Andrew, but if they continued, he might die.

I looked towards Logan, not sure whether I should say something to stop them.

Luckily, before I could speak, Logan gave his order while he watched the scene unfold.


The figure stopped momentarily, but only to wait for further directions.

“Take his hand.”

“NOOO—!! Please! Don’t do this to him. He will never touch her again. I swear!”

My step-mother was on her knees, begging for Logan not to hurt Andrew further. He didn’t seem to care, though.

And my father just stood there watching.

A blood-curdling scream drew my sights back to Andrew, and blood pooled around him. I realized his hand was lying on the ground.

Only then did the figure step back from Andrew and make its way back to the its position next to the man who was supposed to be collecting me.

I moved one step away from him.

I couldn’t go with them.The fear that flooded me wasn’t like the fear I had when it concerned my father or stepbrother. I was terrified for my life.

There’s no way I would survive such ruthless cruelty. My father, he couldn’t be serious…How could he send me to them?

Yara fell on the ground, screaming. She then snapped around and charge toward me.

“It’s all your fault, you whore!! I’ll kill you!!!”

She tried to grab me but Logan stepped forward and blocked her way. However, she didn’t stop cursing.

"You cant! If it wasn't for you trying to seduce my son, none of this would've happened!! ".

“Control your Luna, Alpha,” the man said slowly, his gaze turning to my father.

“Yara, take him to the pack hospital,” were the only words my father got out.

“Andrew is your son, do something… Jax, you can’t just let them treat him this way!!”

 I had never seen my step-mother this desperate.

“Enough!” My father cut her off. “Take him to the pack hospital. Don't make me repeat it a third time.”

I saw Yara’s face turned from shocked to red, and then pale. She looked at my father with disbelief.

A few seconds later, she got up, picked up the unconscious Andrew and his hand, and left the room with two of my father’s warriors without saying any more words.

Her eyes as she passed me said it all, without words even leaving her lips.

She wanted me dead.

“I am terribly sorry for the trouble, Logan.It seems that my step-son needs to learn his place. I will make sure that is taken care of.”

My father’s voice was completely different now. He seemed lighthearted and yet authoritative.

“Avalyn!” He called my name. The focus of the crowd was pulled back on me.

I lowered my head and could not look at him in the eyes.

Was he really my father? I thought he didn’t like me because I remind him of my mother, but what about Yara and Andrew?

I heard my father continue, “As you can see, Logan, she is a beauty, and very compliant. She is such a joy to have around. It almost hurts to see my baby girl go, but she just wants this so much.”

He lied! I bit my lips and clenched my fists.

“Very well. We need to be going. The payment will arrive in a few days, once the Alpha has seen her.”

“My apologies… I thought we would receive it on your arrival?”

I looked at my father and could tell he was getting angry. But something in him was afraid, especially when Logan’s annoyed gaze turned to him.

He was trying to remain polite towards Logan. I couldn’t remember my Alpha father ever being polite.

“Yes, to my pack. Are you trying to renegotiate with the Alpha?” Logan said firmly.

My father quickly shook his head.

“No, of course not. Just a miscommunication. Trust me, I understand how it can be as an Alpha. Making sure the deal is worth it is always important.”

“Yes. Just a reminder, Jax… She is Alpha Grey’s property now. She no longer belongs to you, and never will again. She will never return here, ever. Alive or dead, she belongs to our pack.”

Alive or dead.

I looked at my father, and his eyes flickered

to me with slight hesitation before he


“That’s fine.”

My father’s words took away my only hope.

“Good. We need to go, now.”

Logan turned towards me. “Do you need anything else? Is this all that you have to take with you?”

I knew I had no choice but to nod.

“Very well. Let’s go. We have a long drive ahead of us.”

Logan wasted no time before turning to walk towards the car. The two shadows next to him had moved to my sides.

One step, two steps…I moved towards their car, but every step I took, I became more scared and uncertain about my future.

Glancing back at the pack house from outside, I tried to save an image of a home my mother had once been a part of. She would be ashamed of my father.

“You will never return here,” Logan had said.

There was nothing for me to say, though. Nothing I could say would change anything, so what was the point? I stayed quiet and followed him to his car.

My life was no longer my own—nor would it ever be.

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