My father lied to me. I wasn’t sold as a maid. How naive I was to believe what he said?


What does being a breeder even mean? Carrying a child…? No… no…

No matter how difficult my life had become, no matter how desperate I was, I had always still prayed that one day I could find my mate. Someone would take me away, save me, and love me. This was my only and my last hope in this life.

And they took it away.

Why did they have to be so cruel to me?

“No.. please,” I begged, not sure of what else to say or do. “I can work hard. I will pay back all the money you gave him. Just, please… Anything but a breeder.”

The man sat there quietly, watching me. He didn’t say a word, but his gaze grew colder.

The narrowing of his eyes in that moment showed that he did not appreciate my outburst. I knew without a doubt that the powerful hand he had could clamp around my throat and kill me easily..

Every part of me knew the wise thing to do was to stop talking and back away from this dangerous c
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