Avalyn's POV

Time might not heal everything, but it did heal me physically.

Another week went by, I was feeling better than I ever had.

I made sure to stick to the diet Natalie had designed for me. I went to every doctor’s appointment and did the light exercise of walking regularly to make me stronger. I wasn’t one hundred percent there yet, but I was improving steadily everyday.

I was surprised by how fast I recovered when I put my efforts in. Then again, I bore Alpha blood.

Since there was no way for me to look back, I persuaded myself to feel better about the situation. By the time this was done and over with, I would be in a much better place. I would be healthier, and I would have freedom.

It was an hour after I had my dinner. I looked out of the window and saw the evening sky casting shadows across the pack grounds. This was the only leisure time I was given every day outside of my busy treatment schedule.

I took a book from the library to the small reading nook of my room. The
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Lori Archer
will he rape her or back off

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