Avalyn‘s POV

All of sudden, the body weight on me was lifted, and my wrists were released. Almost at the same time, a soft blanket was thrown over my body. I snapped my eyes open in disbelief. He stopped. Why? My gaze went to his face as he propped himself up on the bed. His expression seemed distant, and maybe a little concerned—I wasn‘t sure.

Then I watched as he pulled back and pick up his clothes. I could see the broadness of his back, the curves and firmness of every muscle. There was nothing but power radiating off of him. He was the largest, yet finest man I had ever seen.

As he buttoned his shirt, I realized what a coward I was. I had ruined it… No, I couldn‘t fail this task. I couldn‘t disappoint him. I had to do this! If I didn‘t, what would happen to my pack, my father… and me? Panic rose in me.

I got up as quickly as I could and grabbed the bottom edge of his shirt before he got the chance to tuck it back in. I couldn‘t let him leave. I had to complete my task! “Please
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