Grey POV

“Not only are these cities along the west coast being attacked, but we‘ve also gotten requests for reinforcements from both the eastern and northern borders,” Logan said, reporting the latest news to me as we were walking back to my suite.

“On what scale?” I asked.

“Scattered. Doesn‘t seem to be military actions– more like rogues.”

“Any information on which group is behind it?”

“No, Alpha, It could be multiple groups. The roques all know most of our men are now at the West coast fighting against Alpha Kal‘s invasion. They’re not going to miss this opportunity.”

We stopped at my door. “Ok, give me the map and the report. I‘ll take a look at it later tonight. You can let James know first thing in the morning.”

Logan stood there, but he didn‘t move.

“What else?” I didn‘t lift my head as I flipped through the pages of the reports from the frontline and pictures of the most recently assaulted villages.

“Alpha, it‘s already two in the morning. We have the steering committee
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Lorri Lawrence
some chapters and paragraphs are been repeated

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