Logan POV

I rejoined Alpha Grey outside the meeting room after hearing out from the witness. Neither of us spoke until we got to Alpha Grey's suite.

As he closed the door behind us, his look turned even more solemn.

“Alpha,” I began, “if it really is him working with the rogues, I‘m worried that our pack…”

Grey walked over to the map. “Send Natalie back to Draco and tell Rex to reorganize our defenses back home. Move the residents from the outskirts back to the city center, and increase the patrol back home.”

“Are we not going back?”

“No. Rogue attacks are problems, but any alphas could deal with them, and they have been dealing with it. But the war against Kal is a military operation. If we lose it, we will lose more than just a few villages. My priority has to be on the west coast.”

“I understand,” I said with a sigh. “I‘m still worried about Draco. The rogues are taking advantage of the war. What if…”

“His target is me, and only me… I‘ll need to talk to James to move our men to th
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