Third Person Pov

When they were done with the purchase of the gadgets, they decided to go back home as it was getting close to Luca and Emma's nap time. The rest of the purchase would be done online.

While Emma and Luca were napping, Brie, Damien and Lisa decided to purchase the remaining items . They bought TVs, stuffs. they would need to decorate each room with, a car sit, paints and much more which was going to be delivered the following day.

"Mom? Lisa called, why don't we paint the rooms ourselves? itt will be more fun. " That's a great idea, that way we can spend time together". "Am in, Damien agreed. " Since we're done with our purchase, am going to look up for schools so I can enroll you guys and a daycare for Luca, Brie said.

"ughh" they both groaned. You guys need to go school so you can make momma proud, said a smiling Brie.

It was late in the afternoon, Brie and the kids were in the sitting room. Brie was bonding with them when the door bell rang. "I'll get it " said Lisa getting up to open the door for the visitor. At the door stood a man in suit holding a briefcase in his hands, he looked to be in his late thirties or so.

"May I come in? "Sure Lisa answered opening the door wide for him to get in. They made their way to the living.

"Lisa honey, who's at the door?. Brie's asked while getting up and letting Luca play with his new toy cars. "Oh Mr Matin, pleasure to see you soon, I thought we would be meeting a little later. Were you able to get the files of the children?. Mr Matin is a competent lawyer and one of the best, he has been Brie's lawyer since she started Brie's Architecture and interior designs. There's possibly no one she could trust who could handle the task at hand. "Yes Miss Quinn, I was able to get their files and the adoption papers. I came here to get your signature and the kids are your officially and they can carry your last name. All the while the kids and were listening to the lawyer with tears in their eyes. The kids rushed to hug their new Mom.

" Thanks Mom you're the best thing that's ever happened to us, yesterday we had no mother or father figure in our lives and today we have a mother, you are really a blessing sent to us" Lisa cried. "Yes mom and we promise to make you proud" Damien said. After a few more tears of joy, Brie signed the adoption papers. Now the kids name are Damien Quinn,Lisa Quinn,Emma Quinn and Luca Quinn. It was such a happy day for them and their mom.

It was 9:00pm and the kids have gone to bed. Brie tucked Emma to sleep after reading her a book. While Luca has been put to bed an hour ago. kissing Emma on her forehead "Goodnight baby"

"Good night mommy, I love you. "Love you too honey. She exited the room to check on Lisa.

She knocked on Lisa's door. "Come in". She entered the room. Lisa was already in bed with on of the many books she ordered online. "Mom". " Hey honey, you okay?

"Yes? Mom. Why don't we have some girls time. "Sure Mom. Lisa replied giving Brie more space on her bed. They talked for a while when she noticed Lisa was already sleepy comfortably on her chest hugging her tight. She kissed her forehead and slowly got out bed and tucked her properly. "Good night honey" She said quietly and exited the room.

She made her way to Damien's room to check on him too. knocking on the door she heard a faint response" come in". She found him by his reading table, his sketch book in front of him with a pencil, busy sketching god knows what. Brie made her way to the desk. "Damien? Hey mom, you're still up, yes mom, am just trying to finish this. He said showed her what he was doing. it was a flower. Brie couldn't help but be more proud. He wants to be an architect but he also could be an artist if he wants to. Kissing his forehead, She bade him good night and told him not to stay up late and exited the room to hers. She changed into her night ware which consisted of shorts and matching top. She got into bed pulling Luca close to her who immediately snuggled into her chest.

Brie thought of how her life changed in the span of four days. It was a feeling of deja Vu and she looks forward to every bit of it. Tomorrow is going to be another day, she decided to get some sleep making a mental note to look for schools to enroll the kids. Good thing,it was the beginning of a fresh term to they won't have worry about catching up much. She later succumbed to darkness falling into a dreamless sleep.

The next morning, Brie woke up around 6:30

am. She went to the bathroom to carry out her daily business, once done, she glanced at Luca who. was sleeping soundly, leaving him to sleep a little more she made her way out of the bed room the wake the older ones. She knocked on Damien's door first. "Damien wake up and come down for breakfast." "Almost done Mom".

"Wake up Lisa and Emma then come down for breakfast. You have 30 minutes."

"Ok" he replied. She woke up Luca, after bathing him, she dressed him a cute jeans and bat man shirt finishing his look with White Gucci baby sneakers. She couldn't help but gush about how cute he looked. Together they went downstairs to. the kitchen to gett breakfast.

Placing Luca in his high chair, she prepared pancakes with honey and jam. Cutting Luca's into tiny chunks she fed him first while waiting for the rest to come down.

5 minutes later, she heard footsteps coming into the kitchen.

"Good morning Mom. Damien said kissing her cheeks, Lisa did the same.

"Good morning Mommy " Emma greeted. Brie got down to her height and kissed her forehead.

Breakfast was good filled with laughter and the banter between Dame and Lisa. Brie smiled at their antics.

After breakfast, Dame was doing the dishes when the door bell rang. The things they purchased were being delivered. After the delivery, Brie tipped the delivery boys well, they thanked her and left.

it took them two days to finally finish the painting of each room and arranging it. It turned out perfect and. they proud of their work.

Damien's room was more calming and suits his calm personality while Lisa's was more girly and sparkly and Emma was also girly and more princess like. Luca's was more of a baby room but boyish.

They were having dinner when their mom announced that she has enrolled them in a school 30 minutes away from her company and Luca in kindergarten 5minutes from her work place so she can easily drop them off and pick them up and they can come visit her in the office after school hours.

"Luca's third birthday is next week, Brie announced." we have to start planning.

" I love parties, Emma beamed.

"since spider man is Luca's favorite character, we should make it a spiderman themed party and a spiderman cake. Lisa suggested.

"That's a great idea Lis.

"So it's settled. Damien said. Spiderman cake and themed party.

I'll call the cake bakery and the decorators so that we can get everything set.

Brie also wanted to use that opportunity so that her mum and siblings can meet the kids.

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