Brie's Pov

Today's finally Luca's birthday and am so excited, can't believe baby boy is growing up so fast. He's still sleeping so I went to the bathroom room to take my bath. I came out of the bathroom and went to my walk in closet to choosey outfit for the day. Am going to be working in the kitchen all day so I decided to go with yoga pant and sports bra I wore a big shirt over it and walked out of the closet.

I make my way down stairs and was hit with the aroma of pancakes and bacon. Rushing to the kitchen only to find Damien behind the stove.

I slowly went up to him trying as much as possible not to make any sound.

"Whatcha doing? He jumped putting his hand on his chest. " Mom you gave me a fright".

"Sorry, you were so concentrated on what you were doing so I felt it was the right thing to do" I said trying to be innocent.

" morning mom,. Morning I replied.

"Where's the birthday boy?.

"He's still sleeping".

" You didn't wake the girls up?."

Lisa's getting ready and Emma is still sleeping. ok, I'll go wake Emma up and Damien. The decorators will be here by 10:00am to decorate the house. and I have tod start cooking early. We have a lot to do before our guests Start coming, it's a good thing mum will be coming earlier to help. I rambled.

"Mum relax, everything will be fine okay". Damien said trying to calm me down.

"I know, I just want his first birthday with me to be special. It will be.

I woke Emma up, helped her get dressed and sent her down stairs to have her breakfast. I went to my room to wake Luca up.

"Hey baby, I cooed. it's time to get up. I sang.

He opened his eyes and looked at me, I can't get enough of his striking blue eyes.

"Morning mamma". "Morning baby" Did you sleep well ?

"Yes". "What is today baby"?

"My birthday!!! he cheered. Yes baby it's your third birthday. Now let's get ready so that the birthday boy can have his breakfast fast.

After getting Luca ready, I placed him on my hip and we head down stairs. We has our breakfast after singing the birthday song for the birthday boy and I got to cooking. I was in the kitchen when the door bell rang.

"Can anyone get that"? I shouted from the kitchen.

I heard voices so I went to see who it was. I saw my mum hugging the kids giving them each a kiss on the cheeks.

"Hey Mom". "Oh hey honey, she said while giving me a hug. " Oh how much I missed her this past few days even though we've been talking on phone, I still missed her.

" I see you've met your grand kids?. "Yes dear, and they are so adorable. You know Damien is so handsome I won't be surprised when we start having girls lined up our doors and Lisa she's already a beauty, and Emma, that munchkin is going to be a real beauty when she grows up. She rambled. Damien and Lisa who were standing behind her gave a shy smile.

"Mum, You know they are behind you right?.

"So? it's the truth. And people there's my mum always so straight forward.

"My grand babies are cutest, so why not show them off. She hit her forehead head with her hand as if she remembered something.

"Where the birthday boy?" she asked. "He should be here somewhere, I said looking around for Luca. I spotted him hiding behind the couch and smile.

"Luca? I called, come say hi to grandma. He came and hid behind my legs, waving his little hands at my mum.

"Hi, Luca am your grandma. Aren't you the cutest. she gushed. "Come on Luca, go to granny". I encouraged. He came forward and properly introduced himself.

"Hi Nana, am Luca". "Hi Luca, am Louisa but you can call me Nana. she hugged him and placed tiny kisses on his face making him giggle.

Louisa Quinn, my mum and she's everything to me. She's the reason my siblings and I are where we are today. The person behind our success. We weren't rich but we weren't poor either. We were comfortable with what we heard. She was a pharmacist at one of the biggest hospital in New York. My elder sister Anastasia was the one who followed her path in career but she's a neurosurgeon. My brother owns chains of restaurants all over the world and I went into architecture and interior designing.

The house has been decorated and the cake will be delivered in an hour. We were done with baking the cupcakes and dessert is the refrigerator. Mum insisted on cooking for her grandson's birthday so I let her be but I was helping her cut the veggies while she prepared the chicken.

"You know, you look more happier honey, the kids are what you need, what we all need. They will bring happiness to all of us and more are to come." Mum said. "Yes, you're right mum."

"You know the house doesn't feel empty anymore. You find Toys everywhere, their antics, the banter between Lisa and Dame. it feels so refreshing.i feel like a whole new person.

"Yes, I can see that, the spark in your eyes says a lot my child." "And now I have people to spend time with, since I hardly see you or your siblings often.

Awwwwn mum, you know our schedules are quite tight these days,I said hugging her by the side.

"Yeah, right tell that to your brother who's been avoiding me". By the way, they should be here by now right mum? I asked. As if on cue, the door bell rang. I went to the door to see the Emma was already being lifted by Michael, my older brother.

"Hey princess, he said to Emma.

"Hi uncle Mikey and aunt Anna. she said shyly.

"Awwwwn, Mikey she's so cute Anna cooed pulling Emma's cheeks lovingly." Mike glared at her.

"You can't call me that." What, Mikey?

"But why, Anna whined. Because, Only the kids are allowed to call me that. He replied walking into the house with Emma in his arms. He spotted my the kitchen door, he placed Emma on her feet and walked up to me picking me up and spinning me around making me laugh.

"Mike, stop put me doy". He placed me on my feet and hugged me kissing my forehead.

"How's my baby sister doing?". "Am good, you?

"I am better now that I've seen you and the kids. That woman, he said pointing to Anna, has been a pain in my As... I glared at him. He coughed, I mean in my neck since this morning. Anna who rolled her eyes at him came and pushed him out of the so she can hug me. "Hey baby sis, how you doing?.

I missed you so much. " I missed you too sis"

Mike and Anna were introduced to Damien, Lisa and Luca.

The cake was delivered and soon our guests have started to arrive. I sent the kids up to their room to change into their outfit for the day. I dressed Luca in a cute navy blue tux. Lisa wore an armless gown that was tight around her waist and flared downwards like a ball gown, it was also her favorite color, purple, Emma had the same ball gown like Cinderella as she called it. Damien had on a grey tux and he looked handsome in it.

Our guests have all arrived, so I went upstairs to have a a quick shower because I was feeling ikky.

I had my shower, did my makeup and changed into my dress. I wore a black turtle neck armless gown that hugged my figure, wore a flat shoe and went down stairs.

The party was already in full swing. The dj we hired is doing a good job. kids were running around and Luca seems to be having fun with other kids his age. Damien, Lisa and Mike were laughing at god knows what while my mum, Anna and Emma were in what seems to be a serious conversation but they ended up laughing like maniacs. I walked up to the dj to get everyone's attention.

"The music came to a stop. "Can I get everyone's attention please?.

"Thank you all for coming to my son's birthday. I know it was a short notice but I appreciate your presence. A few weeks ago, I didn't know I would have a kid let alone four kids but today am a proud of those four kids over there. And I couldn't be happier. I just want to say thank you for coming into my life and making it colorful. You kids should know that I love you to the moon and back. "We love you too momma" the kids chorused.

"it time for the birthday boy to cut the cake" my mum said coming with the cake and we Sang the birthday song for Luca. He blew the candles after making a wish.

Mum took the cake so that she can share it to everyone. By 5:30pm, the guests have already left. It was just me, the kids, Mum, Mike and Anna who decided to stay behind and help clean up.

By night time, we were all exhausted. Mum had left first, then Mike and Anna left 2 hours ago. The kids already retired for the night, the good thing is it's weekend so they can sleep in. I went to each of their rooms to check up them before going to my own room.

I got in bed and Luca immediately snuggled to me as if sensing my presence. I smiled and pulled him

closer and drifted into a dreamless sleep.

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