The sound of clicking could be heard in the background. Behind the brown mahogany desk sat a man typing furiously on the desktop.

The man is Alexandro De Marco. An important and very well known businessman in the business world. The owner of De Marco incorporated. He is handsome, smart, cunning, cold, calculating and sexy as hell. He is known to be a Devil in the world, in short he is a force to reckon with. Women throw themselves at his feet and wish to be by his side and men want to be him. But he's cold demeanor would make you run for the hills.

Alexandro's Pov

Today has been hectic for me, I had four meetings in a row thankfully non were lunch meetings. I signed two contract deals today. Going through proposals, emails, signing document after document etc.

Running a billion dollar company is no joke at all. De Marco incorporated was started by my dad after my mum left us for a much Richer man then. He worked hard while still making time out of his busy schedule to spend time with me. It wasn't easy for my dad but he made it in the business world.

My dad is my role model and family is one thing that is very important to us. I took over the company 5 years ago when my dad retired and brought it to where it was today. We own chains of 8star hotels around the globe. We own hospitals, ophanages, within and out the state. Personally I own chains of clubs and restaurants with my business partner and best friend Michael Quinn.

I hear a knock on my door. " Come in". Speak of the devil and he shall arrive, I thought.

"Hey man" Micheal said making himself comfortable on the couch In my office. " Good ".

I saved work on my laptop, and made my way to where he sat. "To what do I owe your visit today"?

placing his hand on his chest " You wound me bro, do I need a reason to visit my best friend?. He asked feigning hurt. I rolled my eyes at him.

One thing with Mike is that he's very dramatic but I won't change him for anything else. We have a lot in common, we were once playboys but now we are not. We have passed that stage.

" So what are you doing this weekend?" "Nothing as usual, you know I use the weekend to rest. I tell him, or I spend time with dad.

"My sister, you remember her right? "Yes why?.

She's having a picnic party for her kids on Saturday, it's only family but since you're family and my best friend,am inviting you and your Dad to the picnic.

" Wait, you just said kids. When did she give birth and I didn't know about it, what kind of friend a re you" I said horrified. He rolled his eyes.

You have the nerve to roll your eyes at me? You didn't fucking tell me that your sister was married or did she get married in secret? I rambled.

"Calm down man, she's not married nor did she give birth to any child. Actually she adopted them a few weeks ago.

My eyes widen at his revelation. She adopted them? Wow that's awesome?. "Yeah" and I want you to meet them, they are so adorable.

He proceeded to tell me their names. I learnt their names were Damien, Lisa Emma and Luca..

We talked about business and basically stuffs related to it and he left not after making me promise to come to the picnic on Saturday which I did.

It was 12 noon when I decided to take a walk. Today has beens hectic like I said. I walked for about 10minutes when I came across a kindergarten beside it was a park. I sat on one of the benches and watch the kids play. Something about kids lift my mood. Their innocence, bubbly and carefree attitude and their smile is something that can make the worst day of ones life into the best.

I turn around and found a kid about 3 years old sitting alone and drawing in a book. He was so into what he was doing that he didn't notice me there. Something about him makes me want to him, so I started a conversation.

"Hi, I said.

"Hi Sir, He replied back. I couldn't help but think who his mother is, like damn he has manners.

"My name's Alexandro. What is your name? I asked.

"My mommy says not to talk to stwangers but I can tell you are a bad man. " My name is Luca."

He said pronouncing the word 'Stranger' incorrectly. I laughed at how cute he is.

" Ok, can we be friends? I asked. I don't know why I did that but something tell me this is not the last time we'll be seeing each other.

"Really"? He asked cutely, his coloring book long forgotten. "Yes really".

He brought his little hand towards me for a handshake, I took it and he said " Now we are buddies". You're my best buddy now. And I was elated beyond words. I couldn't help but ask shy he was all alone.

"Am tired and sweepy, am waiting for mommy to come pick me up. As if on cue, he's name was called. We both turned to the voice and I was dumbstruck. It was none other than Brie, Mike's sister.

The little man ran to her and she picked him up hugging him and placing kisses on his face making him giggle. I watched the interaction between the two and I felt an emotion stir within me. Her attention was all on her son because she didn't notice me there gawking at her. She was wearing a black body hug dress that reach just above her knees, with a White jacket and black heels, finishing her outfit with silver jewelry. Her hair which always fascinated me was in a ponytail. I was bought out of my thoughts, when I saw her approaching me with the little guy on her him.

"Hi mister, thanks for keeping Luca company, she said. We stared at each other for a while before I cleared my throat.

"Uhmm. hey, I said. You must be his mother?. "Yes, I was running late earlier. she said.

" No problem, I had fun with your son. I said. I should leave now. I turned to leave when she stopped me. "Have we met before?" She questioned. "Yes we have, but it's been a long time since I saw you last, about five years ago I think? I told her. She adjusted Luca who was already sleeping in her arms and look at me intently.

"Really? but how come I don't recognize you?. Because, you and I never really talked, I guess that's why.

"What's your name?" she asked curiosity. I couldn't help but smile at her curiosity.

"Alexandro De Marco" I said.

The name sounds familiar but I don't remember where I heard it before. She thought out loud. Don't worry you yourself, we'll see each other soon enough. I said.

"Ok she said. I better start going. I need to take him home she said gesturing at a sleeping Luca in her arms. " Ok, I'll see you around. She picked his school bag and they left. I stood there until their car disappeared and I went back to the office.

I got home around 8:00pm and found my dad in the sitting room. We had dinner together, catch up a bit about work. I told him about the picnic and he was happy to attend and couldn't wait to meet them kids in question. He has always been a sucker for kids. We talked a bit more before we retired for the night. I went to sleep with a certain brunette on my my mind.

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