Brie's Pov

Damien, Lisa come down we leave in 5 minutes. I shouted from the kitchen. Today is the day of our picnic and I am so excited. we got everything ready already and I was doing a last minute check in case we were forgetting something.

"I'll race you to the door!" I heard Lisa running to the door with Damien hot on het tail.

"I won, so bro you owe me 50 bucks" she said smirking. "No I don't! "Oh yes you do big boy" she said again rolling her eyes at him. "Now hand it over" he brought out his wallet handing her the 50 bucks while muttering profanities.

"Ouch woman, what was that for?" he said where I hit him.

" No swearing in front of your younger siblings. I said. " Fine " he grumbled. Help me get everything in the car. Lisa, put Luca's shoes on for him and settle him in his car seat.

"ok, lukky come let's put your shoes on, she called .

Once everything was set in the car, I locked the door, got into the driver's seat and we made our way out of the garage. We got there in no time as it was a forty minutes drive.

We got to the park and I saw that my mum and my brother there already. I parked the car as they approached us

"Hey mum, hey Mickey. I greeted them.

"Where's Anna? I asked my brother as mum was busy squishing her grandkids. "She's running late but she'll be here. " She doesn't wanna face your wrath". He snickered. "She wouldn't".

We got everything out of the car and headed to where a big sized mat was spread out. A little while later, my sister arrived and were catching up on each other's lives. But I noticed that my sister is much happier the she usually is and she's glowing.

"You're glowing sis, what's the secret?. Oh my god, I Know why. I said excited. " You found a man" I declared.

Her eyes widening, she looked at me and I smirked. "Spill".

"uhhh, ok but don't tell anyone yet. No one knows not even mom. Most importantly, Micheal you know how he can be. He's overprotective.

I sighed. "Yeah I know".

"We will not have this conversation here. We'll find time to hang out and have a sisters day together besides it's been long since we hanged out.

"Did you guys say hang out?" mickey asked looking between the two of us. "Yes and without you" I said.

" But why" He whined. " Do I have to remind you?" Anna said raising her eyebrow at him

"Pls remind me what this poor soul has done that you're refusing to hand out with him". He said pointing to himself.

" Seriously?" I asked.

" Seriously". he challenged. Before I could say anything Damien interrupted our bickering.

"What's going on?" He asked clueless to what was going on. I looked over to my mum and the girls discussing animatedly with Luca having his afternoon nap on mum's lap.

"Your mum and aunt were thinking of hanging out together one of these days without me" Mickey whined at Damien.

"Are you sure he's your older brother? Damien asked looking at me and Anna. Because this one here is a child trapped in a man's body.

"Hey that was mean" "Yeah right " Damien rolled his eyes a t his uncle.

"You guys could just hang out with him if you don't want him to keep whining like a brat".

"See, even your nephew thinks you're a brat now stop with the whining. Anna said glaring at Mikey making him pout. I rolled my eyes at his antics.

"Honey, we can't take your uncle with us because it will be a disaster. The last we went out he punched a guys square in the face and said it was an accident.We almost ended up in jail thank God he's a powerful man if not you wouldn't have met your mum and you sweet aunt. Anna explained. Leave it to Anna to be dramatic.

"Why did you do that uncle mike?"

"Oh he was looking at the both of them inappropriately" Mikey said nonchalantly as if it was. the most obvious thing in the world.

"Did you kick him in the pace where the sun doesn't shine?" He asked. Anna and I gasped.

"What!!" we yelled.

"Unfortunately I wasn't able to do that but he was left with a broken nose, trust me am sure its out of shape" mickey told Damien.

"Michael Jackson Quinn, what on the name of God are you teaching my son". I yelled at my brother glaring at him. She better not be teaching my son anything related to violence.

"Geez woman stop looking at me like that, am not teaching him anything. He just knows when not to take shit from anyone who messes up with his mum and aunt." He said proudly.

"You better not" I said.

And just like that we continued having fun while waiting for Mike's friend to arrive.

"By the way, I started, I saw your best friend yesterday at Luca's school park when I went to pick him up from school. I didn't really recognize him until we got home. I told Mike.

" Really?, he asked he's eyes gleaming happily.

"Yes and Luca couldn't keep quiet about him through out yesterday. "He's best buddy" he said.

"You know he used to have a huge crush on you back then. Mike said. I looked at him surprised.

"You're joking right?" I asked bewilderment.

"Nope am not"

"But wasn't he in a relationship then?" I asked because I could remember seeing him with his girlfriend all the time. I think her name was Natalie.

I also have a crush on him but no one in my family knows about it. And when he introduced his girlfriend, I knew I don't have a chance with him .

"Aren't they together?" I blurted out.

"No they are not, the bitch broke him more than you can think about. That was the reason why they moved back to Italy. He said.

I was curious to know what happened to him that made him that way. He's the number one business man in the world and he's know to be extremely ruthless. Before I could ask anything further I heard Luca squeal.

" Buddy!" he shouted running to Alexandro who picked him equally happy to see him.

"B I know you have questions, but it's not my place to tell. And I also know about your crush." He winked at me leaving me dumbfounded and walking to greet his friend.

" Hey Brie, long time no see." Someone said behind me. I turned to find Alex standing behind me with Luca in his arms. "Yeah long time no see." I said back.

"I couldn't recognize you yesterday till I got home, you've changed quite a lot ."I said.

" I know but where work the fun be." He said smugly.

"Yeah right." I snorted.

"Momma, Luca called wanting me to take him. I took him from Alex and he wrapped his arms around my neck. " Yes my baby, you hungry?. I asked and he nodded. We made our way to the mat. I sat Luca on my lap and gave him a sandwich. I gave everyone there's and we soon started eating and conversing after mum made a fuss about Alex not visiting her when he came back. She was really mad at Alex's dad Arturo for not call her when they were back in town. My mum was being dramatic as usual and the father and son had too keep apologizing till she finally gave in. Arturo and I chatted catching up on our lives. I was he's favorite before they moved away. Am really glad to have him back, he has always been the father figure in our lives.

One thing I noticed was that, Damien, Lisa and Emma also warmed up to Alex and Arturo. Arturo even insisted they call him grandpa. I hope this is good. the kids could have more people around them who love and cherish them. And am happy as long as my family is happy. Am content.

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