Chapter Eight



Finally it going to be another weekend!!!. It's been hella hectic. As much as I love my job, it's very exhausting. Am extremely exhausted added to the fact that I had the most annoying and difficult client today. I can't wait to get home and cuddle with my babies.

"Am home!". I yelled when I was inside the house.

"Damien? Lisa? Emm...... The fit of giggles and laughter coming from the kitchen caught my attention. I slowly made my way to the kitchen almost made have a heart attack. The scene was hilarious, am not mad that my kitchen looked like a gabage bin. Am glad that after a long and exhausting day at work I get to see this. The stress I felt earlier all vanished into thin air.

Damien had flour all over him, his shirt and face were covered in flour and egg , Lisa wasn't any difference. Emma had flour on her face and her cute pink short and tank top were covered in flour but not much Luca well however was not different. They are yet to notice my presence.

"What in the world of mushrooms is going on here? They all stopped there flour fight and turned abruptly.

"What is going on here? I asked again.

"Mummy", and excited Luca came running to me as fast as his little feet could carry him.

"Well?is anyone going to answers?

" actually "


I busted into laughter, there faces were priceless.

"I was only messing with you guys". I said in between laughter. They sighed In relief.

"So what were you trying to make that's got you all covered in flour and eggs?" I asked picking Luca and placing him on the counter doing the same with Emma.

"We were. making cupcakes. It's in the oven, it should be done soon. We were cleaning up when someone decide it was. time to play cricket with the eggs " Lisa said glaring at Dame.

"What!! but it was fun!!! he sang. Admit it you enjoyed it he sang poking Lisa who was trying to hold her laughter which wasn't working.

"Fine, It was fun."

"Besides the cupcakes were for you mum".

"Awwwwn, is it now?.


"Group hug? I love you guys so much" I said to the as tears welled up in my eyes.

"Mum don't cry, we love you too". Damien said kissing my forehead. Did I say he was taller than me?. Yep, my son is taller than I am.

Suddenly, Luca pushed Damien from me.

"My mummy". He glared at his brother hugging my neck.

"Hey, she's my momma too".

" No my mummy".

"My momma"


"Nope buddy, she mine".

"That's enough Dame, stop upsetting my baby".

Luca pouted his lips.

"Damien, clean Emma and Luca please and Lisa so wash up too. I'll clean the kitchen while you guys are at it.

"No mom I'll help". "You sure honey? "Yep". While Dame went with these little ones, Lisa and I cleaned up the mess and just in time the oven dinged. I put on the oven mitts and removed the cupcakes from the oven and they looked good. I set them to cool and continued cleaning.

"How's school Lisa?."

"Oh school is fantastic mom, I made a new friend, her names Nicole and she just moved here in New York with her parents".

"Wow that's nice. When are we meeting her? ".

"I don't know mom. She's new in town. Maybe when she adjusts well I'll invite her over since we've been planning to have a sleepover but we've not decided whose house yet".

"That's great, let me know when you decide so I can make you girls some cookies too".

"Will do mom".

Lisa went upstairs to shower while I stayed in the kitchen to finish up. I was too lazy to cook today. So takeout it is.

I went to the living room to grab my phone.


"Yes". I went ahead and placed our order and waited for it to be delivered. The delivery boy came 10 minutes later. I payed then placed the pizza on the counter in the kitchen and went up to my room to shower and wash off today's exhaustion.

I got dressed in my PJs and went downstairs. Luca was already falling asleep, so I made him a cup milk because I didn't want him to go to bed on an empty stomach. And soon he was asleep. I tucked him in for the night and went back down stairs. We ate our dinner. Emma was also sleepy and it was a little past her bed Time. I also tucked her in for the night.

Damien, Lisa and I decided to watch a N*****x movie. Twilight saga. Damien searched for the movie while Lisa and I made popcorn. We started the movie with Lisa and Dame on either of my side

We finished twilight then we switched to barbie and the 12 dancing princesses after much debate which Lis and I won much to Dame's dismay but he had no choice than to watch the 'Crappy' movie like he said. I stirred and woke noticing that we all slept off in the middle of the movie.

"Dame, Wake up". He stirred and looked at me sleepily. "What Time is it?".

Glancing at the clock on the wall. "It's 12:00 am. lets go to bed. Wake Lisa and help her to her room. He picked her up because Lis Is a heavy sleeper and when her sleep is destroyed she gets grumpy.

I switched off the TV and the lights and headed upstairs. I went to each kid's room to kiss them good night which I've become used to in the last three months. it's been more like my tradition an I love every bit of it. I went to my room and got into bed with a smile. A sigh of contentment escaped my lips. Soon I welcomed darkness going into a dreamless sleep.

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