Chapter Ten


I went downstairs after my shower. I went straight to the kitchen and found the kids sitted behind the counter.

"What are we making?". I asked while dancing around.

"My favorite!!!. Emma shouted excitedly.

"Yes my love, your favorite. Which is?."

"Chicken pasta ".

"Chicken pasta coming right up your majesty ". I said bowing slightly

Dame and I got started with the chicken pasta and soon we settled into a comfortable silence until I broke it.

" I have a date".

"Really? with who? is he handsome?". Lisa asked all at once out of excitement. While Emma was smiling waiting for me to continue,Luca was just watching and Dame has an expressionless face.

"Who is he mom?". Is he a good guy? What's his name?. he asked his expression still not readable.

"Ok calm down guys, his someone we all know and are comfortable with and his handsome too". I said answering Liz's question.

"it's Alex, Mike's best friend ".

"Really?" Liz and Emma asked together.

"yes, his the one. Apparently, he came
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