Chapter Eleven


Anna and the kids left me alone in my bedroom to ' have a last minute touch up'. I wonder what kind of touch up I need. I look okay. For goodness sake am fucking freaking out hear.

Okay,"inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. It's gonna be alright, it's just a date". I kept mumbling to myself.

"B, get down here you don't wanna be late for you date. Alex is waiting!". Anna shouted from downstairs. And that's my cue. I nervously opened the door and headed down stairs., "Here goes nothing".

Slowly I made my way down the stairs, I saw Emma and Luca in Alex's arm. Luca was quiet snuggling into him while Emma kept blabbing about her toys.

"Will you play princess tea party with me?". She asked giving him the puppy eyes. Oh no don't fall for it.

"Sure, why not. When next I visit then we'll play okay? he assured her.

"You promised to spend the day with me after dance classes tomorrow". Lisa piped in.

"Sure thing honey, just give me a call when you're done". he said. Wow he's already making
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