Chapter Twelve


Who's that?"

Alex and I turned to see that David was out of the car too. I motioned for Dave to come closer.

"Damien meet David, David meet Damien, he's the one I was talking about my first son". I introduced.

"Hi, nice to meet you".

"Same". Dame smiled at him.

"Come inside guys, it's cold out here. You both have explaining to do". He said pointing at me and Alex.

"Are you sure he's your son?". Alex asked confused.

"Yes, that's Dame for you. He said he's the man of the house and he needs to protect us. Sim I wonder if it's a 50 year old man stuck in a 16 year old's body". I said sighing which made David laugh.

We all went inside and I went into the kitchen to make coffee for Alex, tea for me and milk for the boys. Yeah Damien still drinks milk because he find it difficult to sleep at night especially if he naps in the afternoon.

I gave everyone their drinks and sat down close to Dame.

"Where are the rest?".

"I tucked them in. Aunt Anna had to learn because there was an em
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