Chapter 2

  Everything in the world seems to be static, except that the rain is rushing, dripping on the ground and splashing again.

  Jillian lost the support of the gangster. She knelt down on the ground directly with her hands in her belly and confronted the gangster for too long. At this moment, she was weak and her eyes turned dark, and she finally lost all consciousness.

  Maximo put away his gun. It’s like his hanging heart finally fell. His eyebrows stretched out. He slid down the helicopter rope, and strode past to pick up the woman who had been picked up by Timothy Lee, Captain of the Armed Police Force. After coming over, his gloomy face was worse than the weather.

  \"I need the most detailed answer of this hijacking case.\" Maximo held Jillian cautiously, and the tenderness of pampering appeared on his face as soon as he bowed his head.

  Looking at the back of Maximo leaving, Timothy closed his gun, and the corners of his mouth slightly raised. The most detailed? wouldn\'t it be the ones under the counter? Looking at this community where public security has always been good; kidnapping is not really a good idea.

  Maximo went back with a woman in his arms and scolded the army for a while, but no one dared to ask more about it. Who would dare to ask about the chief, wouldn\'t it be death?

  Returning to the dormitory of his own troops, Maximo kicked the door open and carried Jillian in. He quickly and gently removed all her clothes in a few quick and gentle strokes, and took the clothes on his table to dry her and tucked into the bed.

  Every movement is so smooth that it makes people feel that he is doing a familiar and natural thing. But if you look closely, you will find that the slight bulging of the veins on the back of his hand shows his tolerance at the moment.

  He is a man, or a normal man. How could he not feel anything when undressing a woman, or a woman he likes. But he is not only a man, he is also a soldier, a self-improving and self-disciplined soldier. What\'s more, the woman in front of him is the one he wants to care for and love all his life. He would never allow anyone to cause her harm, including himself.

  The guard was ordered to prepare hot water. The guard quickly came in with the hot water. He wanted to take another look, but he was frightened by Maximo\'s eyes that were so cold that he could freeze him to death.

  Maximo closed the door, took off his already soaked clothes and threw it on the ground. After wiping it indiscriminately, he wrapped a military-green bath towel around his waist and sat on the edge of the bed.

  Looking at the drowsy person on the bed at this time and her the originally beautiful face, he noticed that her eyebrows are frowned and pale as paper.

  Maximo resisted the anger in his heart, stretched out his hand to take the towel, and after soaking in the hot water, he carefully and gently covered Jillian\'s small face, and gently wiped it.

  And in the depths of his deep eyes, the bloodthirsty factor suddenly revealed. Harold, how dare you to treat her this way! Very good! Really good!


  A thunder suddenly sounded, and the man suddenly stopped his movements and looked deeply at the woman next to him.

  Rachel was dissatisfied. With five slender fingers wrapped around her chest, a soft voice sounded, \"Harold, what\'s the matter with you?\"

  Harold felt a little uneasy, and always felt that a faint siren sounded in his ears.


  His dressing movement was interrupted by the woman\'s aggrieved voice. Harold looked back at Rachel, who was already sitting up, \"I\'ll go back and do something. I will take you to dinner tomorrow noon.\"

  As he said, he got up and put a kiss on her lips, \"Don’t worry.\"

  Rachel watched him leave with a slight panic in his footsteps, without too much hindrance, which is why she can stay with Harold for so long. Seeing the heavy rain outside while biting her own lips tightly, she thought it was just a thunder. Is he so uneasy about that bitch Jillian?

  Her aggrieved eyes gradually became cold, and the corners of her mouth were aroused fiercely.

  Jillian dared to rob her, but was overpowered. When the old man died, she would soon become the real young lady of the Ward family. Thinking about this, Rachel was in a good mood.

  Harold was uneasy all the way, drove back to the villa, looked up at the dark window on the second floor, frowned more severely. In the past, no matter when he came back, the lights were always on. Plus, today is his birthday. What is this woman doing?

  Thinking of speeding up his steps, the servant told Jillian that Jillian did not come back today, but went back to their apartment.

  Apartment? He turned to leave and rushed to the apartment.

  Harold returned to the apartment all the way. The house was still dark. He reached out his hand to turn on the light, and subconsciously looked at the dining table. There was nothing on the table.

  He didn’t have time to change his shoes full of rain and ran directly to the bedroom, \"Jillian? Jillian?\" He looked for her in the bedroom and the guest room, but there’s no place to find her at home. How come she’s gone late at night?

  He took out his cell phone and made a call to Jillian, but the phone was turned off. Harold irritably threw the cell phone on the table and dared to turn it off. Looking at the rainstorm outside, thinking about the call tonight, his body slightly tighten. He couldn\'t find her. How could he explain it to his grandpa?

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