Chapter 3

  \"Yohan, find me Jillian right away.\" Harold called his subordinates and closed the door again.

  In the quiet office of the chief, it seems that only the sound of breathing is flowing gently. Maximo silently looked at the woman who was still entangled in nightmares. Her mind is restless. Three years ago, because she was married, he left and healed alone. Three years later, because of a task, he came back, but he did not expect to meet her again in this way.

  In the past three years, it seems that she has not been as happy as he thought. If that is the case, he will not let go of her anymore.

  The cold body became warm due to the hot water, Jillian slowly opened her eyes, and the bright light struck. She subconsciously raised her arms, trying to block the bright light from stimulating her eyes.

  It\'s just that the cold sensation brought by the sudden contact of her arm with the air suddenly attracted her attention. Looking at her smooth arm, her consciousness came back in an instant, and she could clearly feel that she was wearing nothing now.

  Quickly retracted his arm, his gaze slowly moved up, facing a pair of cold eyes, Jillian suddenly became clever, holding the quilt, suddenly sat up, and flinched in the corner of the wall. The corners of her lips trembled slightly, but she wanted to speak but couldn’t say a word.

  Maximo looked at her being panic and dodging and his heart hurt suddenly, so he got up and went outside to bring the ginger soup that the guard had just sent.

  \"Drink this and warm up!\"

  Hearing this voice, Jillian regained her senses. She raised her head along with the voice, and couldn\'t help but twitched the man in front of him who was surrounded by a bath towel. How could it be him?

  According to seniority, Jillian wants to call him uncle because Maximo and his family have made friends for generations. Although Maximo is not a few years older than Harold, they are in the same generation as Harold’s father, so she always followed Harold to call him uncle.

  Seeing him coming, Jillian quickly turned her gaze to one side and her face couldn\'t help but become red. This person, who doesn\'t even wear clothes, shows off his body in front of her? It is simply disrespectful!

  \"Have you recovered now?\", when Maximo saw her like this, his aggressive expression finally looked better and he was about to sit on the bed with her.

  Seeing his sturdy figure approaching, Jillian panicked again. She pulled the quilt with one hand and carefully covered her body and said in a dumb voice, \"Thank you, Uncle Max\"

  \"I don\'t have a niece like you.\", Maximo\'s eyebrows suddenly frowned. What he hates most about this woman is that she called Uncle whenever she sees him.

  Jillian bit her lip, really wanting to roll her eyes at him. But in front of the cruel reality, she really didn\'t have the guts to roll her eyes at this man.

  As far as she knows, the eldest grandson of the Anderson family is twenty-eight this year and he’s one year older than Harold. Jillian is only twenty-four, so of course, she has to be polite to him.

  Holding the ginger soup, she didn\'t care about it, and drank it all in one breath. Her body was warm, but her dry throat seemed to be on fire. She carefully stretched out her arm and handed him the bowl, and said pitifully, \"Is there any water? I\'m thirsty.\" The ginger soup is so spicy that it can\'t meet her need for water at the moment.

  Maximo narrowed his eyes slightly, looked at her deeply, and saw that her bright eyes flashed with pitiful light and looked at him. It was a temptation. He clenched his hands abruptly, tried his best to endure the emotions in his heart, and stood up suddenly. He turned around and went outside.

  Jillian trembled, feeling that every time he saw Maximo, she felt like he would be frozen to death. It doesn\'t matter if this man doesn\'t laugh. Maybe he has facial paralysis. But they he’s not paralyzed and give you a cold face all day long as if someone owes him millions.

  Maximo came over with a cup of water and passed it to her after testing the temperature of the water. Jillian took it carefully and drank it all.

  The way Maximo looked at her felt even more distressed, but he could only suppress and ask her in a cold voice, \"What the hell is going on?\"

  Jillian trembled, put the cup on the table and held the quilt without talking. This is something of the Ward family and she shouldn\'t tell anyone, even someone from the Anderson family.

  Seeing her silence, Maximo\'s expression became even uglier. With his hands pressed on both sides of her, Jillian had to look up at him, but this distance made her breathing more cautious.

  \"Uncle.\", her voice was trembling, so his eyes dodged.

  \"Don\'t you want to tell?\", his voice still didn\'t have a hint of anger. His slender fingers pinched her smooth chin and controlled her head, making her have to look directly at her, \"You don\'t want to say it, so I asked.\" He knows women too well. He has been married to the Harold for three years. Apart from the old man supporting her, who really treats her as a member of the Smith family, no one else treats her well.

  Jillian\'s teeth trembled, trying to get rid of his restraint, but powerless. Her heart throbbed uncontrollably because of the ambiguous distance, and because of the low voice that sounded in her ears.

  \"Is it because of the Smith family?\"


  Jillian quickly objected, but betrayed herself.

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