Chapter 4

  Maximo\'s handsome face sank and snorted coldly. This sound directly froze Jillian\'s heart and couldn\'t help but shudder. She couldn\'t avoid his gaze, so she simply closed her eyes and didn\'t look at him. Maybe the coldness could be lowered.

  Seeing her appearance, Maximo sneered even harder, \"Harold also knows about this.\"

  He was affirmative, causing Jillian to open her eyes instantly and looked at Maximo angrily, and pushed him away regardless of the quilt on her body, \"Uncle Max...\" She said, her eyes were already red. Now, Harold is the bottom line for all her calmness, and also the deepest wound in her heart. Those words echoed in her ears, and her heart was still bleeding.

  Maximo naturally wouldn\'t really be pushed away by her. Looking at her, a flame of anger rose up, and directly her people over, as if a cheetah saw the prey, accurately locked the target and captured her tired red lips.

  Jillian was dumbfounded, and only recovered after a moment. Harold is like her fourth uncle. How could he treat her this way? Jillian admired that she could still think of this problem, struggling to push the person on her with both hands.

  \"Uncle, uh...\"

  \"I\'m not your uncle.\", Maximo still didn\'t let go of her. He growls with uncontrollable anger. Once the emotions that has been accumulated for many years bursts, there is no way to recover from it.

  Her clothes were pulled apart while struggling, so Jillian\'s heart was pounding and the man on her body was not much better.

  Finally, Maximo let her go. As their eyes faced each other, Jillian breathes violently, and there was just a shock in her eyes while looking at Maximo with pitiful grievances.

  Maximo knew that he had always been attracted by her eyes that were not as bright as her pearls, until he fell and couldn\'t help himself.

  Time seemed to be still at this moment, Jillian didn\'t dare to move. She could only look at him with those innocent eyes with aggrieved eyes, but didn\'t know that it was this kind of eyes that made him want to stop.

  Maximo lowered his head and wanted to kiss again, but unexpectedly, someone disgusting came. Hearing the voice of the report, he felt that his guard was so unpleasant for the first time. He still did not get up, greedy for the warmth of her body, but his voice was awkward with ice grains in the displeasure. He said, \"Say it!\"

  Jillian\'s body trembled slightly, obviously shocked by his cold tone, but when the person outside spoke, the blushing little face instantly turned pale again.

  \"Sir, President Smith is here!\"

  Harold is here!

  Harold came quickly. Maximo looked at Jillian who was pale, got up and pulled the quilt to cover her, without turning his head, he said, \"Let him wait.\" As he said, he got up and went to the simple wardrobe on the side and took the clothes out.

  Jillian hurriedly wrapped herself tightly in a quilt. She shrank her head in the corner and didn\'t dare to lift her head. Her heart was still beating violently, but it was definitely not a throbbing. It was almost a myocardial infarction.

  Maximo quickly changed his clothes. The regular training camouflage pants showed a sense of integrity and domineering on his body. He only wore a military shirt on his upper body. The strong muscles on his chest were slightly exposed. Jillian was careful. When she looked up, she has to say that Maximo\'s figure is really good enough to make someone\'s nose bleeds. If he is seen by her friend Ariane, he will definitely jump on him.

  After Maximo changed his clothes, he looked back at the girl with dull eyes on the bed, and looked down at himself again. The tight face finally loosened for a moment, \"Are you satisfied?\"

  His slightly ridiculous words made Jillian fight a cold war, and instantly his soul returned to his place, shook his head, and couldn\'t help but complain about himself, Jillian, what\'s good in being an idiot? Looking at him, he is still Harold\'s uncle.

  The knock on the door sounded again, and the slight smile that had just appeared on Maximo\'s face disappeared instantly. He looked at the woman who had wrapped her head in a blanket on the bed. \"You rest first. I\'ll go out and have a look.\" Today, he was determined not to let Harold take Jillian away. Starting today, he will never give in.

  Hearing that the door of the lounge was closed, Jillian put down the quilt and looked outside, wondering why he came here for her. Thinking and feeling ridiculous, how could it be possible?

  With her hands around her legs, she looked at the window washed by the rainstorm outside.

  Counting the raindrops, listening to the silence around and the sound outside the door, whether her heart soaked in the rain tonight, it is still the same.

  Standing by the window, Harold, who was looking at the heavy rain outside, turned around when he heard the door opening, but only felt that the door of the lounge was closed, and there was no way to see what was going on inside.

  \"Why are you here?\", Maximo asked knowingly, pacing slowly and sat opposite Harold, when the condensing aura suddenly approached.

  \"Uncle, Timothy said, Jillian was brought here by you.\" Harold understood his uncle\'s temper and didn\'t say anything to him. He went straight to the point.

  \"She’s with me.\" Holding up the cup that the guard handed over, Maximo said lightly without raising his head.

  Harold returned to the sofa and faced him with high aura. Even if he was himself, he didn\'t dare to make too much trouble. \"In this case, thank you for today, uncle. I will take her back first.\", as he said, he moved towards the direction of the lounge.

  \"Harold, what identity are you trying to portray to take her back?\", Maximo suddenly spoke and heard that the person behind him stopped as he shakes the tea in his cup.

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