Chapter 6

  Seeing Jillian leave, the old man shook his head, \"Oh, it\'s really over this time.\" The caregiver looked at the old man in confusion, but the old man was already asleep.

  Jillian returned to the office, Ariane looked at her chin and sighed.

  \"What\'s the matter with you?\" Jillian changed her clothes and asked amusedly. In this way, she was dumped alive.

  \"Jill, do you know that Rachel is in the hospital, and your husband is taking care of her now. \"Ariane got up and put one hand on Jillian\'s shoulder, \"301.You need to go round the ward later.\" This is the reason for her sigh.

  Jillian paused for a while, looked at the case but didn\'t see anything, and said casually, \"Really?\" No wonder he went so anxiously yesterday.

  \"I think that woman Rachel did it deliberately. She clearly knew that you had a ward round today and hurt your arm last night, so you still have to live in 301.\"Ariane said unconvincedly.

  Jillian shrugged, took the medical record and went out, \"She is not afraid of the pain and playing tricks. It would be boring if I stay here. I will go to the ward round.\"

  When she left, Maximo and Timothy came out from one side. Timothy touched his chin and looked at Jillian\'s back, \"Once the sleeping lion wakes up, it will easily attract the attention of hunters.\"

  \"Poke blindly.\" He would never give it a second time to anyone who had been given a chance and didn\'t know how to cherish it.

  Looking at Maximo\'s domineering back, Timothy was really direct!

  Jillian took the case and entered 301 and looked at the two people on the bed. Is this an injury? Isn’t there enough space at home, so they went to the hospital to show her affection?

  Harold frowned slightly when he saw the person coming in. He let go of the person in his arms and stood up and looked at her, \"Why are you here?\"

  Jillian ignored Harold and looked at the wound on Rachel\'s arm. There was no inflammation or bleeding, so she lowered her head to record.

  \"Jillian, I heard that you had an accident last night. I\'m sorry. Yesterday was Harold\'s birthday, so he has been on my side.\" Rachel said apologetically.

  Jane closed the case in her hand with a snap, looked at Rachel, who was in the hospital bed, and said faintly, \"Doctor Peter, as a doctor, even if you use bitter tricks and make it appear like others did it, we can know it. Don\'t do it yourself again.\" The wound was obviously not serious and it was only when you did it yourself that it hurts like that.

  Rachel\'s face changed in an instant, and she felt pity when she looked at Harold.

  Harold\'s brows have not been stretched out, and his voice is deep

  He asked, \"What are you talking about?\"

  \"What I said, I think Dr. Peter knows that I can\'t die for the time being. I\'ll go away if it\'s okay.\" Jillian didn\'t bother to watch them show their affection here. It was distressed before, but now it\'s an eyesore.

  \"Harold, what did I do to Jillian to treat me like this?\" Rachel\'s tears fell off the moment Jillian turned, but she sneered in her heart even if it was her.

  \"Jillian, you apologize first.\" Harold grabbed the person who was leaving and said in a deep voice.

  Jillian turned her head and looked at him incredulously, \"Why should I apologize?\" Throwing away his arm and holding back a sulky breath in her chest, she said, \"Harold, let me tell you, I have been apologizing since the day of my wedding. But from now on, I will no longer apologize for anything I did not do wrong.\"

  \"Harold, forget it.\" Rachel stretched out her hand to hold Harold, not letting him get close to Jillian, \"Sister Jillian is still young. Maybe she’s angry that you didn\'t save her because you’re at my place yesterday.\"

  \"It\'s a pity that he didn\'t go.\", Jillian snorted coldly.

  \"Jillian, you apologize. Did you hear that?\" Harold\'s voice has become cold, and the expression in Jillian\'s eyes is sharper.

  Jillian bit her lip, looked up at him, and said word by word, \"I, say, no.\" Seeing his raised hand, Jillian let him hit her. It\'s better to be harder to dispel all her last hopes.

  \"Harold, what\'s the matter? I have to deal with my daughter-in-law outside.\" Timothy\'s words were very clear and his eyes looked at Rachel with a few more inexplicable smiles.

  Jillian turned her head, what she saw first was not Timothy, but Maximo standing at the door with a cold face. The sudden chill in the air made her tremble uncontrollably. Her lips pressed tightly. This man is really dangerous. Even though he is just simply standing here, but what suddenly emerges in her mind is the way she was in front of him last night.

  Jillian didn\'t dare to think about it anymore. She held the case and bowed past him, trying to calm her heartbeat but still couldn\'t help speeding up.

  Maximo\'s gaze followed the flustered back, and a faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. Then he raised his head and glanced at Harold faintly, then turned and left, but Timothy said, \"Go see the old man.\"

  Feeling someone chasing from behind, Jillian walked faster, even running away. But no matter how fast she was, she was not as fast as the person behind her. Before she screamed, she was pulled down into the utility room in the corridor of the hospital ward.

  \"Hmm...\" Her red lips were occupied again. Jillian was no longer astonished this time. She stretched out her hand to push him, but the more she pushed, the harder the man pressed his body. His strong and domineering masculine aura pressed her down. Desperately, until Jillian opened her mouth and bit on his lips.

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