Chapter 7

  Maximo was in pain, loosened her lips, but still pressed her body. He freed her hand to touch the corner of her lips, with a dangerous smile in his eyes, \"I can bear it. Do you know what I do when I am beaten? You don’t know my ability.\" If it weren\'t for them, this girl would definitely be beaten. Thinking about this, she wanted to go and pull the man out for a good practice.

  \"Don\'t worry about it, let me go.\" Jillian suddenly felt wronged, and continued to stretch out her hand to push him, \"You let me go!\"

  Maximo\'s body remained motionless, let her push her chest in vain and lifted her chin with one hand. He didn\'t expect this woman to have such a smell when she puts on her hospital uniform.

  Unable to push, Jillian gave up and looked up at him, \"What the hell are you doing?\" This man is not very familiar with her. She met Harold once before getting married, and he hasn\'t seen her in the past few years.


  \"What?\" Jillian heard a word and didn\'t understand it for a while, but the man who restrained herself obviously didn\'t mean to speak. Jillian got angry and reached out and slapped him, \"You let me go, otherwise I will call someone.\"

  \"Go, I just gave you a reason to divorce.\" If it weren\'t for worrying about everything about her, he would have made it clear to Harold yesterday.

  Jillian stopped moving, bit her lip and looked at Maximo, \"Harold asked you to come?\" Does he want to divorce him so impatiently?

  \"Huh, he?\" With evil eyes raised, Maximo snorted coldly, and attacked her lips again, until Jillian is suffocated. He let go of the person and said, \"Woman, I\'m watching over you.\"

  Jillian blinked her teary eyes. Although she and Harold’s relationship is unclear, but in such a daze on the Internet, she is not an innocent girl. Did he fall in love with her? Before contacting her own question, she asked what you were doing, and he said you.

  Jillian cursed and doesn\'t know if she has been molested.

  \"Hehe, you can really make a joke.\" Jillian said, trying to push him away and leave. Harold\'s words were still ringing in his ears yesterday. Maximo is too perfect, not her kind. Like what Ariane said, even if she and Harold really got to the point of divorce, this man would not dare to touch her.

  \"I never make a joke.\", Maximo said in a deep voice.

  \"It’s you uncle who admitted to be the wrong person.\" Jillian continued to push him.

  \"Try calling me uncle again and we will do it right here.\" Maximo gritted his teeth. The word ‘uncle’ sounded harsh no matter how he heard it.

  Jillian shut up decisively. She knew that this man will absolutely do what he said. She had seen it yesterday, didn\'t she?

  Seeing her honestly, Maximo was satisfied. He stretched out his big slender hand and rubbed her face gently, \"I will help you get him back today.\" He said, bowing his head and asking for a kiss again. Before rebelling, he suddenly turned and left the utility room.

  Jillian looked at the back of him leaving. He will help her get it back? What does he mean? Could it be possible that he could go to a fight with Harold?

  Maximo came out of the utility room and went directly to the old man\'s ward. He had not forgotten the purpose of coming here today.

  Jillian came out after he walked for a while, still thinking about Maximo. When her wrist was suddenly pulled, Jillian wailed. She thinks that her wrist was going to be useless in these two days.

  Jillian was dragged to the garden outside by Harold and threw her out. Harold looked at her in disgust, \"Jillian, I wanted to apologize to you yesterday. I thought that the kidnapping is part of your plan. Do you really like my uncle?\"

  Jillian was thrown a distance by him, and finally stabilized her figure, turned her head and looked at the disgusted man. She stood firm and slowly sorted out her clothes, suppressing her heart that is full of fermentation. Feeling bitter and watching him smile, she calmly said, \"Harold, since you have your own thoughts about me, what else do you ask me to do?\"

  Harold listened to her as she admitted it, and the expression in her eyes became even more disgusting, \"Jillian, you are really disgusting.\"

  \"You have said that.\" She still laughed at him.

  \"You...\" Harold looked at her smile, feeling dazzling, turned and left angrily.

  The smile on Jillian\'s face disappeared in an instant. She looked up at the sky. In her heart, she turned out to be this kind of person. Harold was already so unbearable in her heart.

  Land Rover stopped at the entrance of the hospital. The car door was opened, Ram got out of the car, wearing a straight-ironed Air Force uniform, carrying two bright bars and one star on her shoulders.

  Jillian originally wanted to go in, but when she heard the sound at the door, she turned around and saw the person who got off the car. She sneered and turned back.

  Since Ram saw her, she naturally wouldn\'t let her leave.

  \"Jillian.\", she yelled, strode over, and walked in front of her to block her way. She\'s ten centimeters taller than Jillian, so looking at Jillian was completely aloof.

  Even if Jillian raised her head, she should not lose her momentum, \"Are you sick, major?\"

  \"Jillian, I\'m warning you; you should leave Harold. He loves my sister.\" Thinking that this woman had taken away the person her sister liked, Ram was eager to slap her over and beat her to death.

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