Chapter 10

  The old man was hospitalized for a week, but was discharged because of his birthday. Jillian and Harold both returned to the house because of this incident.

  On the day of her grandfather\'s birthday, Jillian left work early, and Ariane also said with a smile that the banquet was a place where a famous person was born, so there might be a good show to watch.

  Jillian laughed at her gossip, packed up her own things and left. It would be nice if others won’t mind her jokes. But in her mind, she thought of what someone said before he left. He said that he would come for his grandpa\'s birthday.

  Out of the hospital gate, a Maybach parked in front of her. She knew the car. It was not surprising. She wondered why the owner of the car appeared.

  The window of the car was slid down. Jillian saw the gloomy face inside, and he felt a sense of revenge inexplicably. This week he was forced to move back to the mansion and separate from Rachel. It looks like heinous.

  \"Get in the car.\" Looking at her with a smile, Harold felt an inexplicable rush of evil fire in his heart. If it hadn\'t been for his grandfather to take her to buy clothes, he would never pick her up from work.

  Jillian still stood by the car and didn\'t move, \"Harold, I remember the way back, so I won\'t bother you to drive.\", she said and turned around to leave.

  Harold suddenly opened the door and got out of the car, walked around the car and pulled her back, \"Jillian, if it wasn\'t for grandpa who asked me to take you to buy clothes, do you think I want to come?\"

  Grandpa, Jillian knows him well, too. What Harold is saying is also a filial son and grandson, and will not go against his grandpa.

  Jillian did not object any more, followed him in the car for grandpa\'s birthday banquet. Although she has dresses at home, they are all old styles. As the Smith family\'s daughter-in-law, her clothes should not ruin the family image.

  In the car not far away, Ram couldn\'t understand why the car stopped, and looked back at Maximo, who was still reading the documents behind, \"Maximo, today is Grandpa Xavier’s 70th birthday, so it’s hard for us to wear military uniforms and stay with me. Go pick a dress.\"

  Maximo never looked up, but knew that the person not far away had already left. He closed the file in his hand and looked up at his driver, \"Go to Beechen Shopping Mall.\"

  Listening to his answer, Ram was overjoyed. She just tried her luck, but she didn\'t expect that he really agreed.

  The Imperial Capital Beechen Mall has a large collection of famous stores, bringing together the world\'s leading clothing design brands. It is the favorite place of wealthy wives, but for Jillian, everything here is nothing but a medium for comparison by the so-called upper class.

  Harold followed Jillian and his face was very unhappy when he saw her inattentively, \"Hurry up. I have to go back.\"

  \"Picking clothes is like picking a man. If you make a mistake, the consequences will be very serious.\" Don\'t think she hasn\'t seen it. He has been staring at the watch on his wrist and wants to go back. He’s going to meet his sweetheart. Jillian was disdainful and looked up at Harold with a smile, \"What do I mean?\"

  \"Jillian.\" How could Harold couldn\'t hear what she meant, but it was a public place, so he had to temper his temper. He turned around and saw the aqua blue tube top dress on the hanger and reached for it, \"Go and try it.\"

  Jillian looked down, raised her eyebrows slightly, and had to say that Harold\'s eyes were good. She reached out and took it and turned to the fitting room.

  Harold looked around and continued to choose clothes, as if she had never seen her wear dark ones, which would always be white.

  \"Harold”, Rachel\'s surprise voice passed from behind. When Harold turned his head, she trots a few steps past and grabbed Harold\'s wrist, \"Why are you here? I\'ll pick some clothes. Grandpa would like me to wear a certain kind of clothes.\"

  \"Harold, I think this dress...\" It\'s not bad. Before the three words were uttered, Jillian saw the woman nestling next to Harold. Her face changed slightly. She came really fast; it seems that buying clothes for her is just a cover up. The real purpose is to bring Rachel. Her fingers holding the skirt squeezed slightly, but Jillian still smiled gracefully. It was not her style to bow her head in front of the enemy.

  Harold paused slightly with the hand on the back of Rachel\'s hand, with an urge to take it back. Looking at Jillian\'s smile, he suddenly felt as if he was being slapped alive on the face by someone.

  When Rachel saw Jillian, a trace of resentment flashed in her eyes, but it disappeared after a while. Holding Harold in her arms, she said softly, \"Harold, this dress is really good-looking, and I want it too.\"

  She also wants! Jillian sneered in her heart. Who doesn\'t know that all the Beechen famous clothes are unique. Every style only has 1 piece. Doesn\'t she mean to let give it to her?

  Harold frowned more severely, and said in a low voice, \"This dress is not for you. Go and see what you like. I\'ll buy it for you.\"

  \"But I think this one look good. Har Har ,I want this one.\" Then he looked at Jillian again, \"Jillian, hope you don\'t mind.\"

  Jillian ignored her, but was looking at Harold. Although she was disappointed with him repeatedly, she still wanted to know what Harold would do.

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