Chapter 119

Don\'t carry it to the car all the way, Maximo Anderson put the person on the co-pilot\'s seat, locked the door before going to the driver\'s seat, got up and brought the medicine box over.

Jillian Ward watched him carefully pick out the stones with tweezers, carefully and meticulously. She could confirm that Maximo Anderson had never been so careful before.

Just thinking about it, the sound of a text message came from the mobile phone. He took out the mobile phone with his empty hand, and was careful not to touch the palm of his hand. He opened the text message, and Ariane Su texted.

I saw that the Mr Maximo went out, sisters, the Mr Maximo can give you all the tenderness of a lifetime, and give you the future of a lifetime. You don\'t want this man, he will be struck by lightning, just go up and pounce on it.

After reading the text message, Jian Yi? Is it bad to send Smith to blow Jian?

Maximo Anderson handled one hand for her, took the other one, and held her slightly
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