Chapter 122

\"It\'s not Lu Chi, but the whole person is demented.\" Thinking of her previous pursuit of Smith Harold, Maximoye couldn\'t help but complain about her, more than just Lu Chi, she is simply crazy, and she actually likes such indecision man.

\"You...\" Jillian Ward looked at him angrily, biting the corners of her lips, thinking about how to refute him and why he was ridiculed every time.

\"Do you understand when you\'re young and frivolous?\" Jillian Ward snorted, looking at Maximo Anderson, thinking that he was in his thirties, and suddenly laughed again, \"That\'s right, someone like the Mr Maximo who has never been younger. You won\'t understand, Comrade Siye doesn\'t even have a first love.\" According to Comrade Siye, who has liked her for more than ten years, Comrade Siye really has never liked anyone else.

Maximo Anderson looked at a certain woman, her face changed in a hurry, and slapped her on the forehead, \"You were not born when you were in your first love.\"

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