Chapter 123

It was three hours after Jillian Ward woke up again, got up and rubbed his messy hair, lifted the quilt and got out of bed, and saw the note on the table.

Putting down the quilt that had not been fully opened in his hand, he stretched out his hand to take it. First, he saw the majestic leopard, and there was a cute little white rabbit leaning on the leopard\'s side. Ling couldn\'t help laughing, but he didn\'t expect that his words were not bad.

Looking at the vigorous and powerful pen words on it, Jillian Ward\'s smile slowly stiffened on his lips.

But Xian Luo Fu has his own husband, and in sorrow, he strokes his white mustache. Waiting for him to return in the day, but meeting is also a single time.

Jillian Ward put the note on his chest, and when they met, they were single.

When Jillian Ward was in a daze, the doorbell rang. After taking a deep breath, she put the note under her pillow, got up and went out to open the door. When she saw Harold Smith standing at the d
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