Chapter 124

Jillian Ward looked up at him, biting her lip slightly, she really didn\'t know? Feed?

The autumn wind blew through, raising her straight hair, obscuring her vision of looking at Harold Smith.

Harold Smith pushed her hair away from her eyes, Jillian Ward reached out and pushed her hair behind her head, took a step back, looked at the grandfather above the tombstone, took a deep breath and looked up at Harold again cold.

\"Grandpa wants us to be well. He wants us to be happy. I don\'t know if I have let go of you, but I know that returning to you will not be my happiness, nor yours.\" Jillian Ward is serious After he finished speaking, he turned around decisively, without the slightest panic or escape.

Harold Smith looked at the back in front, with his hands on his side?

After Jillian Ward returned from the cemetery, he had been hiding from Harold Smith, either reading at home or looking for Ariane Su to play.

In the Anderson family\'s mansion, Jillian Ward was lying
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