Rewards and Rescue

After the system announcement, Tejasv started looking at the screen trying to understand its functions. Despite the trauma in his heart caused by goblins, he somehow managed to cope with his grief.

Then he remembered the 'Rewards' mentioned in the notification.

He clicks the reward column in the corner of the screen:


>[Skill-Copy and Paste]

[maximum of 5 slots available]


|What do copy and paste mean, and what is this limit? Does it mean I can copy something and paste it somewhere, but I have only five attempts?|

"Isn't this the shittiest of skills?" Tejasv felt concerned about the future. His attention shifts to the skill window; he taps the system screen, and the skill's function appears in detail.


[You can copy and paste others' skills, but you have only five slots to keep them.]


"Now this sounds a bit promising,'' he exclaimed, rubbing his fingers on his chin. "What other rewards are there?" He checked them one after another.


[You can enhance one of the following properties to its next level].


-skill points



So these three were the only options for enhancement by the system. Skill points seem to increase the diversity and controllability of the skill for the user.

Physique may refer to the user's body composition of fat and muscles. Strength and agility may also improve due to the physique.

Nevertheless, what is the use of intelligence? Perhaps it can increase the brain's thinking capacity and may help with the formation of strategies.

The other reward for Tejasv was two battle axes for both hands and some coins. He had mixed feelings about what property of his body he should consider enhancing most for now.

He concluded that his physique was of the utmost importance right now. This is because his skill could only be applied when he met someone with appropriate skills to copy. As a result, skill points are currently useless to him.

At the time, Tejasv considered himself skilled at strategy games, so at least for now, intelligence was not a priority. Therefore, he increased his physique because he carries axes that can only be used effectively with a great deal of strength.


Following that, he cleaned his house, which resembled a hub of blood and flesh. He made a grave for his mother in their garden and prayed for her afterlife.

| Mom! I will survive by whatever means I need to use. Watch me from the afterlife and pray for me.|

To relieve his hunger, he cooked some noodles to regain strength and be prepared for another battle if necessary.

While eating, he was checking the rankings and videos of other places. In most of them, humans were slaughtered without mercy by monsters.

He could recognize every type of fantasy beast, and some even had dinosaur-like giant beings.

US Marine bases ranked highest in the world; most of the top rankings were military bases with trained soldiers. However, those bases also faced slaughter beyond their dreams since the summoned monsters were based on buildings and personnel counts.

Therefore, infrastructures with large populations faced a large horde of monsters.

His attention shifted to his ranking, which was impressive. He ranked in the top hundred thousand in his country and the top thousand in his city.

This should be considered high for a country with the largest population and for a city like "City Arin", which was right below the capital in terms of size.

He was placed this high because of the skill and grit he showed while engaging three enemies alone and even emerging unscathed from the battle.

He could also watch videos of people slaying monsters in their homes. Suddenly, his system window rang with lots of notifications from people asking for his help.

Many people even stay hidden in some corners while sending help requests. Sadly, some even die while trying to help others by putting on a brave front or being greedy for rewards and provoking monsters beyond their ability.

Tejasv started contemplating whether he should save someone or not.

Suddenly, an unexpected bounty request came from the military base of City Arin. The monster's sudden assault overran them and didn't give them any chance to retaliate.

No one was ready to accept such a dangerous bounty since that military base was one of the largest in their city, which implied that the monsters summoned there must be of high caliber and substantial numbers.


Watching army personnel die, Tejasv remembered his father, who died in a brawl on the borders while serving in the army.

However, Tejasv was not a sentimental but a rational person, never neglecting to consider the pros and cons and his chances of success before accepting any request.

However, that bounty was still out of his league, so he searched for a bounty involving some weak-looking creatures like goblins and dogs.

After selecting all the reasonable requests, he looked for his father's army gear so he could fight monsters with ease.

He found some guards, a body shield, and a battle knife that his mother treasures as a memory of her husband. Now he was prepared to deal with most of the situations that he expected to encounter in his requests.

Despite his preparation, he was unsure how to leave the house since the wall was still present outside. Suddenly, a portal to the first destination opens, surprising him and revealing one of the system functions.

Since he now understood how these monsters crept into their homes out of the blue, he grumbled at its appearance.

Even so, he steps into the portal, looking into the future.


The first destination was a small house with only one room, and a wolf-looking creature was running amok while destroying everything inside.

Tejasv steps cautiously, so as not to alarm him, and aims behind its back. However, the wolf sensed Tejasv, growled, and took a battle stance within seconds.

Tejasv inhaled deeply and stood in a defensive position, putting one of his axes in defense, and Another ax was ready to strike at any moment.

Both of them peered at their prey with heightened senses, gauging the enemy. Neither of them blinks and keeps staring at each other.

They both knew the one who got distracted here would lose their lives today.

Suddenly, an old woman, probably in her sixties, approaches them bowling aloud, "You fucking dog!" Then she threw a wooden stick at the beast.

It flinched, distracting the wolf, and with a moment to spare, Tejasv quickly aimed for its neck.

He swung his ax as hard as he could, and the next moment they saw the neck of the beast in the sky with blood raining all over them.

The old lady was shocked by this bloodshed. She was pale, still shivering and sweating buckets.

No one knew who she feared more, the beast that had been killed or the beast that stood in front of her half soaked in blood.

Tejasv asked, "Grandma! Are you OK? " It took another loud yelp from Tejasv for her to calm down and come to her senses from that numbed state.

"Thanks Son!" she responded with a pause, "I was in the bathroom when I heard some loud noises from the room.

Afraid of burglars, I kept hiding there while waiting for them to leave." She sighed, "How would I have known a wild animal invaded my home?"

Her next step was to explain how a system screen appeared, and she saw the option of requesting backup.

She tapped the screen, and hopefully, Tejasv arrived on time.

Tejasv told her to stay in the house and wait for help. Although he knew that help would not arrive and that she may die at any moment, he also realized that he could not save everyone in the current situation.

Therefore, he has to gain strength and skills if he aims to give any decent help to someone.

After checking the home, he asked Grandma whether she had any skills, but she denied it, maybe because she had not faced any monsters yet.

Tejasv got some coins after defeating the beast here. His brow twitched as he was not satisfied with some cheap change for risking his life.

He took his leave from there and proceeded straight to the next destination.


At a glance, it appeared to be some kind of bungalow.

He deduced that it was a big house for a family of five, which he concluded from the picture frames in the drawing-room.

"Maybe they are quite well off,'' he snorted. Tejasv looked for family members on the ground floor, but there was no sign of anyone, not even a monster.

However, he could hear some voices from the first floor, alarming him; he took his stance and started climbing up the stairs without making any noise.

He noticed some human-like monsters feasting on a body, gathered outside a room where the family may have hidden.

They were trying to destroy the locked door by scratching and punching. Watching them, the only word that came into his mind was "zombies".

While hiding and observing, he confirmed their behavior was similar to zombies he had seen in movies. They were only responding to their basic instincts, and their senses were duller than those of a human.

Tejasv, however, was wary of them since their numbers were twenty to twenty-five while considering the risk of them biting him and turning him into a zombie.

|Becoming a zombie with a system! Is it even possible?|

He sighed while preparing a plan and made a loud rumble on the ground floor. All the zombies ran towards the sound as soon as they heard it.

In a room with two gates, he left one open for zombies to enter and the other closed for his timely escape. He stood near the closed door, patiently waiting for them to gather in one place.

To slow them down, he built a barrier of shelves, tables, chairs, sofa, and a cupboard and even sprayed petrol in the room from the car tank.

After a while, a horde of zombies surged before him, and his heartbeat increased dramatically.

Upon seeing everyone gathered around him, he quickly retreated, closing both gates from outside of the room.

While burning a matchbox he took from the house, he mocked, with an ominous grin on his face, "Hasta la vista! Baby!" and threw it into the room through a window, creating an unforgettable scene.

The scorching flames engulfed all the creepy beings in the room, leaving only their screams behind.

For the safety of the remaining family members, he had a fire extinguisher prepared to refrain the flames from spreading further.

After confirming the death count, he headed upstairs to check on the family members.

The moment they heard the human voice, they opened the gate, knelt, and wept, since only the father of that family had died protecting them. Others were physically safe, but their emotional safety could not be assured.

Tejasv knew it wasn't the right time for butting, but he still asked for their skills since he prioritized strengthening himself above their well-being. Unfortunately, luck does not seem to agree. No one had a decent skill set that he could even consider checking.


After that, he wandered to many different places without resting, slaughtering monsters like his arch-nemesis. People even screamed in fear at him due to his bloodier appearance, considering him another beast of human skin.

After fifteen or twenty quests, he was looking like a lunatic who was out for blood. No one could recognize his face anymore; his body reeked of blood and gore from head to toe, resembling some monster who bathes in blood while eating flesh.

Without his knowledge, he became famous in high-ranking communities all over the country, and people began referring to him as "The Reaper," who was out to exact revenge on monsters.

His actions were as if a deity from the underworld had possessed him, forcing him to complete requests.


In the same frantic state, he arrived at a place where he saw goblins like those in his home. He was out of control due to their laughter echoing in his ears.

His eyes became bloodshot, and nerves poked out in his forehead. He roared and leaped on the goblins, killing them in the most brutal way he could think of.

As his rage cooled, he heard a baby crying in another room.

Seeing an infant whose parents were killed by goblins in the room, Tejasv realized that their situation was the same. Like him, he was also alone in this world.

This made him remember his mother's last words, bringing him back from being a monster to a human again. He took the child and left him at a childcare he saved a while ago, in one of the requests, and asked them to take care of him.

Additionally, he assured them of their safety by fighting monsters in their place and even protecting them.

After wandering around, he arrived at his home to take a breather and relax. Taking a hot shower, he washed off all the bloodlust and gore from his body.

Sleeping for two hours without caring about anything in this world, he sank into his dreams, gathering his exhausted strength.


After a leisurely nap, he rechecked the rankings and videos of people from different countries. He was shocked to observe the world was growing crazier with each passing second.

Many people were not only killing monsters but also humans who only asked for help.

When others questioned their behavior and retaliated, they replied by implying killing was a fun activity for them, providing ecstasy and bliss.

Disgusted with those humans, Tejasv sneered and sighed.

He also found his ranking rising in this chaos. His request notifications were in the thousands and still rising. Even from other countries, people were asking for his help and assistance.

Now his rank has reached the top 10,000 in the world.

His rewards were also quite exceptional after all the fighting; he even gained the skill "Regeneration" from the child he saved.

When he discovered that the baby had a marvelous skill, he was surprised.

|How did the child even get a skill? Maybe the answer to this mystery died with his parents.|

This skill kept Tejasv from losing a body part while fighting and regenerating the blood spilled. However, the only drawback was that he still gets tired as his stamina depletes and requires timely rest.

Its major flaw was that it could not regenerate his head, meaning if the head gets destroyed, game over!

Nevertheless, this skill was a boon for a person with a reckless fighting style like him. He used the coins to buy high-quality equipment that was highly durable.

For weapons, He preferred axes that were stronger and more durable than before.

After the preparation, he smiled smugly, and with his newly found will, he declared, "Now let's save the military base from its downfall."

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