Military Base Assault (3)

Silence ...a pin-drop silence shrouds the entire battlefield.

Tap! Tap!

Razak's head lands on the ground, bouncing twice. Everyone was quiet; no one could believe what they had just witnessed. They kept their focus on the two men standing before them.

They felt their hearts stop for a second. There are only two people left standing on the entire battlefield, who brought the enemy general to his knees and rendered him headless. Tejasv and Sam glanced at each other and smiled in pride and satisfaction.

Both of them raised their hands to the sky as a symbol of victory. Everyone who was holding their breath during their fierce battle released it at the same time.


They let out the loudest roar, which echoed throughout the base. The cheers shake the entire military base. The soldiers were overwhelmed with their victory.

Tears of joy streamed down the faces of every soldier. However, this cheer not only gave new strength to the soldiers, but also left the remaining monsters shivering.

The ogres were shocked to see their commander on his knees. Ogres, however, don't feel lost when a commander dies; another leader succeeds him and crowns himself as the next leader.

At the military base, the right-hand man Razak shrieked as he watched his commander on his knees. The remaining ogres assembled at his location.

When the soldiers were busy thinking they won, the ogres retreated for the time being. Tejasv kept his gaze on the retreating ogres to understand their mindset as much as possible.


Captain Sam and Tejasv introduce each other officially for the first time.

"I'm Sam, the Captain of this military base, and thanks for coming. I appreciate the help. "

Tejasv smiles faintly upon hearing Captain Sam's words,

"I'm Tejasv, and why won't I come after watching your glorious battle from home. You are the hero of our nation and you have proved it again in your battle against this unexpected enemy."

Is this what we call comrades in arms? Both of them felt a connection with each other. Tejasv points toward the retreating ogre and says "our work is still pending, let's celebrate after complete victory." Captain Sam nods in response to Tejasv.

Captain Sam orders his soldiers to assemble; he tells them to stay calm and focused because the enemy is still lurking in their base.

He explains that they have won the fight, but the war is still ongoing. Whoever wins the military base will have the last laugh. It motivated the soldiers to the core after watching the battle between the commanders.

Sam divides the team again into two groups: one will be led by Sam and the other by Tejasv. The soldiers were excited to work under the young man who saved them by showing such bravery.

Tejasv insisted that he take the team into the headquarters while the Captain swept the enemy from the outside. He wanted to fight in extreme conditions to modify his body and mind for the future. Before departing, he copied Captain Sam's skill to have an advantage in indoor fights.


Captain Sam starts cleaning up the remaining ogre in the field outside of the headquarters. However, other than one or two normal ogres, they couldn't find any superior guards. While fighting, Captain Sam noticed that the elite ogres would join the fray and flee the moment they faced danger.

As a result, Captain Sam wanted to use guerilla warfare against the ogre but was overrun by an elite ogre using the same tactic. He never thought that, other than Razak, someone could be this smarter in the Ogre army.

However, he was more concerned for Tejasv, who would face this war strategy in close quarters.

Just as the Captain feared, Tejasv's team was trapped in the ogre's strategy. Tejasv never believed the ogre would be able to fight so overwhelmingly on foreign soil. The ogres were ambushing their team from unexpected positions.

Now it was hard for Tejasv to control the flow, and many of the soldiers were on verge of death. They were in a perilous situation. The morale of the soldiers start dropping, and Tejasv couldn't settle on the next course of action for his unit.

|What was it my father used to say about war?

Yes, the straight path is not always right... haha thanks, dad.|

Even though his father wasn't there with him but his teachings were always helping him.

Tejasv guessed that this new commander must be using some humans to spill the secrets about this place. Based on that information, he formed the plan to annihilate us.

"... bastard! I'll show you true warfare. "

Tejasv orders his soldiers to move toward the riskiest path. Tejasv's sudden command shocked the soldiers, who wondered if he might be crazy.

They started doubting Tejasv's capabilities to lead the unit to victory. Nevertheless, they have to follow the rules of the military and proceed as ordered.

However, they were astounded to see not even half ogres on the path that is supposed to be the most dangerous.

They gazed in amazement at Tejasv and wondered whether someone drafted the military strategy incorrectly or if he was a superior leader to past commanders. Tejasv laughs loudly and says,

"The new ogre commander is countering human strategies, which is why he left the weakest ogre on the most lethal path. The path we considered safe until now may be filled with more ambushes ahead. "

The ogre must be in the captain's chambers torturing humans and learning our methods. Therefore, he can get all the information about this base. I will give him a death more brutal than his beloved commander, Razak.

Tejasv cleans, one by one, the sectors of the military base. Now his team's pace was steady and effective.

When they arrived at the captain's chambers,  the remaining upper-class ogres confronted them. An ogre standing behind others crushes a captured human on the spot with his hand.

He was about the same build and height as Razak, but one of his horns was broken, and someone must have mutilated his face in previous wars, and with all the scars that ogre looked more ugly than other ogres.

Tejasv could tell by instinct that he must be the new leader. The new ogre leader tries to introduce himself, but Tejasv interrupts him by laughing loudly. He groans at Tejasv and asks him the cause of his interruption. Tejasv glares at him and laughs again.

"Sorry ...sorry ... hahaha..... I'm sorry, but your face is funny. It's as if someone had messed it up before. I'm laughing while thinking about how you will look when I'm done with you. The funniest part is that you cannot become red with anger because you're already red..."

The ogre was boiling with rage and roared to scare the humans, "YOU BASTARD, I WILL KILL YOU AFTER TORTURING."


Both sides charged into each other and unleashed their full strength to destroy the enemy before them. The soldiers give their best by surrounding these elite ogres with numbers.

Tejasv had already killed the most powerful ogre in the enemy camp, so he was not scared at all; he was even playing with the new wannabe leader.

He dodged his attacks as if playing around. In addition, Tejasv used Captain Sam's skill in continuation.  Captain Sam's skill cannot be used while fighting because it burdens the mind.

However, that's not a problem for Tejasv, who has the regeneration skill, which can regenerate at least one or two veins in the brain if they explode with pressure.

With random weapons in the surrounding area, Tejasv constantly dodges and attacks from blind spots. He makes the ogre tire slowly. When all his stamina was exhausted, Tejasv grabbed him with one hand and said

"Let's move to the climax.. shouldn't we? The viewers must be bored now."

Tejasv starts punching the ogre's face repeatedly; even when his hand gets smashed, he keeps punching. He mutilated his own fist while striking the head of the ogre.

[POW] [POW] [POW] [POW]...

"Ah, man! Your face looks more disgusting than I imagined. Oh, shit! I got dirty again."

He jerked his hand to clear the ogre's flesh that got stuck in his palm. Afterward, Tejasv threw the body of the ogre, whose head had been smashed to nothing. Tejasv was covered in blood and flesh, and the soldiers in front of him were stunned as they looked at him.

Both the old commander, Razak, and the new commander were missing their heads from their bodies. The only difference was that the previous commander died without any pain with only one strike.

Tejasv and the team cleared the rest of the ogre easily. They proceeded to help Captain Sam, but he was also done with the last ogre. Both teams were happy to see each other alive. Captain Sam could tell from their looks how close they were to dying.


>[Mission complete]

[Check your system window for your respective rewards ]

[Special rewards:-4 war torrents = Tejasv and Captain Sam {2 each}]


Tejasv and Captain Sam both received war torrents for their contribution to killing Commander Ogre. They could infer the real value of these torrents with the skill "My Zone".

For individual rewards, they each get to improve another one of their body's properties, and Tejasv chooses skill points this time to make his skills more effective, while Captain Sam decides on the physique to become more robust. A brand-new set of armor, weapons, and coins were also given to them.

The armor had an invisible mode to hide inside normal clothes and was easy to equip. When Tejasv arrived here, he realized this place was more difficult than other places. This is why the soldiers were comparable to Tejasv in strength, who successfully completed many quests before arriving here.


The soldiers were exhausted enough to sleep during the victory celebrations. Everyone drank alcohol for their lost comrades, and for surviving today's ordeal. Captain Sam was standing before the graves of the soldiers and reminiscing their memories.

He also prepared Hussain's grave with his unit. Captain Sam assures Tejasv that he will be available to help him at any time. Tejasv suggests making this base a stronghold of soldiers who can stand against monsters that are more dangerous in the future.

At Hussain's grave, Tejasv lamented that he couldn't copy Hussain's skill, which could have proved to be most useful in the future. "What a waste!" He thought. Tejasv takes his leave from the base and returns to his home. He was about to rest when suddenly a loud notification popped up:

[Next Event] ...

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