Betrayal (2)

Nina just heard some terrifying, bitter truth about her team, which was formed simply for Fred's future mechanizations and as a stepping stone for his growth. He had plans to rise high and assimilate many new subordinates through other deeds, one way or another.

Fred spread his paws all around for him to use whenever he found it necessary or according to his situation. Something similar happened when Nina decided to betray and count him as one of her enemies, hence Fred turned against her and took Ben to his side. Even if they fought together a while ago, now they were against each other.

Nina glared at Fred, and her eyes trickled a few tears. She boiled over and her blood ran through her veins vigorously. Her brow scowled and thick veins popped on her forehead. It was evident from her expressions that she would destroy anyone in her path after knowing everything.

Besides that, Fred resumed his chuckles since he found the situation interesting and a haughty bitch like Nina could also c
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