Fred grunted and roared aloud at Daemon. He lunged forward at Daemon, intent on killing him with his knife, while Daemon stood firm against him, fist clenched. Daemon squinted his eyes as he endured the pain in his shoulder and stood tall against Fred.

Fred swung his knife at Daemon, yet he missed since Daemon was a proper warrior that went through many different battles. Fred was nothing of the sort to kill Daemon easily, even when he was injured or strained after a challenging duel against Rickey.

Daemon still had his instincts ingrained in his head honed through many battles. He turned around with precision since his body didn't have enough strength to dash around swiftly. Daemon moved as accurately as he could and dodged almost every attack on him. He knew even a single attack could harm him more greatly than he could endure with his current capabilities.

Tejasv, on the other hand, saw Ben and Nina swing their weapons at each other and gradually reach his position. Nina and Ben gla
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