Brawl (3)

Tejasv stood beside Ben and Nina to contemplate his situation more precisely. From the ongoing battle, he understood Ben was trying to move Nina around for his plans and he used her rage as best he could. Tejasv scoffed and chuckled at Ben's worthy attempt to fool Nina into his trap.

He observed the battle closely since he might find an opening to strike one of the enemies before him. Tejasv pondered whether to save Nina or let Ben use the situation to his advantage. He counted his pros and cons before taking any action.

Both Ben and Nina had much better conditions compared to Tejasv. He had to read the situation even from Daemon's perspective, while others around him had to see through things for themselves. Ben had much better proportions right now than Daemon, while Nina wasn't much injured or harmed in any way. If any of these marched between the battle of Daemon and Fred, it could spell disaster for Daemon.

Until now, Nina had followed Fred until now, and due to his strategies, sh
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