Brawl (4)

Watching Daemon in a boxing stance, Fred changed his position to be more firm than before. He at least knew boxing didn't have many techniques to fight against a knife holder. However, what Fred didn't know was that knives don't matter much to a skilled fighter. Weapons don't decide the winner or loser; it depends on the holder of that weapon.

Daemon understood that if Fred was a master of knife techniques, then Daemon would be in danger. Yet he knew that Fred wasn't capable enough to threaten Daemon through his knife, but he could damage Daemon through other means such as his schemes and mechanization. For this reason, Daemon tried his best to not let Fred dash away from here.

Their fight was already a farce for both of them. The impasse between them was due to their non-usage of skills. Only Daemon had a skill that could undoubtedly grant him stronger strength and body to fight any battles, whereas Fred had a skill that could help him in future schemes but not in fights.

The deadlock
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