Brawl (5)

While provoking Nina with vicious remarks about her dead companions and the betrayal of Fred, Ben finally noticed her behavior turning wild like a beast with each passing clash between them. Gradually, after observing her patterns, he smirked excitedly when he found an opening between those attacks.

Ben took his time to confirm his observation while Tejasv had already noted such changes a few moments ago. When Ben found those regular patterns, he knew his opportunity had arrived at his door to destroy Nina with a single conclusive strike at the right place. He grinned, and now it was the time for him to attack with everything he got.

Nina, on the other hand, repeatedly struck Ben with her knives as swiftly and abruptly as she could. She kept growling and roaring while attacking Ben. Her anger rose to the peak of her potential and she lost control over her mental state at that moment.

Ben noticed the timing and fended Nina's strikes aside. He raised his maul high and struck vertically w
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