Brawl (8)

Both Tejasv and Nina had no idea why Ben grinned and chuckled when he was in a terrible predicament. Even though his statement was bizarre enough not to ignore in the middle of this fight, either he lost his head completely or he had something up his sleeve to counter Nina. But what was it he had? Nobody knew his hidden agenda or strategy for the fight.

Suddenly, Tejasv's eyes widened with some enlightenment for this reason. He had an inkling as to why or what Ben hid behind his creepy giggle. He pondered each and every corner to predict the next action of Ben. Through this contemplation and assumptions, Tejasv arrived at his conclusion, which was somewhat right on the mark, he assumed.

Nina scowled her brow as she heard Ben giggling and mocking her. He taunted her even when Nina just advertised her skill. This change in attitude towards Nina enraged her as she frowned and grunted. She thought her win was almost certain. However, now Ben was behaving differently than when he didn't kno
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