Brawl (9)

Tejasv pondered, "Even if I acknowledge that he has a superior skill to counter Nina, I still need to figure out the details or usage of his skill. From the action I saw just now, his skill can either target the foe on its own or it can at least heighten the instinct. But the impact was great. At least it didn't have the power Daemon displayed with his punch. Maybe the skill won't empower the dark fist but only help in finding the target. Ben must've had to throw the punch with his internal strength rather than the skill-enhancing him."

While Tejasv contemplated the possibilities of Ben's skill, Nina stood again while holding her stomach writhing with intense pain. For a girl, the impact was more sturdy and clashed with her to disrupt her innards into a chaotic, bloody mess. She scrunched her eyes and moaned in pain while composing herself to endure the suffering.

She swallowed and yelled in a loud voice, "What was that? How the hell did you escape from my attack and even hit me back?
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