Brawl (10)

Whatever Ben assumed about Nina retreating due to fear or being overly cautious did not happen. She stood before Ben with her eyes raging with red wildfire and grumbling while grinding her teeth. Ben’s taunt filled with provocations and warnings had no effect on her frightened senses or, more likely, she feigned ignorance by her own disposition.

She scowled while listening to Ben's blabber and grumbled. She kept glaring at Ben and fell into her reverie. Maybe she was contemplating what next step to take in order to face Ben again. However, her mulled expressions took Ben off guard since he imagined her retreating or escaping the scene with her tail between her legs.

Nina stated boldly, "If you think I’m going to back out after learning your skill, then you’re deeply mistaken. I'll keep coming back for you. Even if I fall, I'll stand again. Even if I bleed, I'll strike again until my revenge is fulfilled. Even if I die, I’ll take one of you down with me!"

Nina giggles hysterically after
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