Tables turned! (6)

Tejasv suddenly noticed the dominating spiders being pushed back from the robed duo. When he squinted his eyes with a frowning brow to concentrate on the battle, his head was dismayed even more since he couldn’t figure out the cause for these events occurring in the brawl before him.

With some specific move from the robed duo, the spiders became hysterical or insane once more. The spiders again followed the disorganized movements with huddled sounds from their jaws, as if some striking pain emerged from their bodies.

The spiders nearest to the robed duo were stunned and seemed paralyzed with some daunting force, but as Tejasv turned his gaze back, he spotted many of them moving in disarray in enormous pain while the farthest ones were perfectly upright and standing in their position.

This weird event perplexed Tejasv, leaving him confused with no specific cause in his mind to explain this strange phenomenon. After such similar behavior from the monsters that the robed duo thrashed the
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