Tables turned! (7)

Their reactions showed that none of them expected the spiders to retaliate so quickly and fiercely after their disturbed minds and behavior for a while. Tejasv observed both distant and tense events from his vantage point.

Even Tejasv was perplexed and concerned about the unfolding scenarios because he assumed the robed duo must have known the timing of the attack. This assumption, from Tejasv’s point of view, was entirely backed by the theory that all the strange events related to the spiders were the duo’s doing.

However, now he just witnessed the same robed duo get their ass handed with a wide and robust swing from the spiders. Tejasv had his eyes widen and his jaw drop while he speculated on the many supposed causes of the events before him.

While Tejasv pondered in this reverie, the robed duo faced the most brutal predicament of their lives, none like before. The spiders that comprised their strange writhing moments gradually filled the gap the duo worked hard to create.

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