Tables turned! (8)

Even with those overwhelming and arduous struggles to attack the spiders, the robed duo still had no outcome in the end. With their intense struggle to pierce a way out, they faced even more retaliation.

However, even after numerous failed attempts at success, the robed duo witnessed despair. They had no choice but to stand guard in their position and fight every spider on the scene who was enraged and frenzy.

The robed duo huffed vigorously since they had a hard time breathing after the laborious attempts. They intended to escape the scene from those intense endeavors, but every attack from them got countered or defended after a few moments in the fight.

Now the spiders had learned and mechanized a strategy to keep themselves alive from the strikes of this robed duo. They attack and then leap back to allow another of their kind to take their place for the next event in the battle.

This strategy took all the energy out of the cloaked men, and their attempts got nothing as a result of
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