Sudden Save!

The moment the robed duo resolved themselves to die while glaring at the incoming huge spiders, something unexpected happened before them. Before the spiders could strike them and thrash these two, some uninvited guests intervened in the fight.

Two tall and muscular men appeared out of nowhere, robust backs armored in white furred gear, one holding two axes and the other with sharp, long claws in his arms. Both of them had a bright complexion and somewhat balanced features, with one being more muscular than the other.

Not only that, but the muscular one even had a long scar on his face. They leaped over the spiders and swung their weapons with swiftness and intense ferocity. They lined the arena and slashed the monsters into minced meat.

Only the painful groans and cries of the spiders could be heard from the scene. The blood seeped into the air and shrouded the entire field. The battle dominated by the spiders until now gradually turned against them.

The two new men's arrival in the
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