Tejasv’s dilemma?

Moments ago:

Tejasv's eyes widened and he snorted a few moments ago when he noticed the robed men trampling around one more time after the spiders started attacking. The chances of the robed men turning the fight in their favor were slim to none.

Although the fight could shift in the robed men’s favor if they began using their skills, none of them seemed to be preparing for that opportunity. They had many moments to turn the tides with their skills, but none of them did so.

They let go of every chance to overthrow the spiders in their dominating attempts at pummeling the robed men. These events made Tejasv frown since he still had no idea why they continued to test their limits with their life on the line.

As he contemplated, he suddenly gained an insight into the suitable causes for these events. "It's not like they don’t want to, but maybe they cannot. What if they had restrictions on how they could use their abilities?"

Tejasv pondered, his eye widening as he noticed these querie
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