Team Tejasv’s arrival

Tejasv and his team marched swiftly and with haste in the direction their leader, Tejasv, had led them. Tejasv kept moving without saying a word to his team about their destination or giving them any advice for the upcoming events.

Daemon and the rest of the team only followed him because Tejasv didn't even give them a second to question him about their movements. Although the team somehow realised there could be a battle ahead of them, they only followed rather than hesitating or refusing.

The team knew Tejasv was leading them to a threatening place, but they still marched behind him with their whole strength and energy since Tejasv, their leader, had never decided against their well-being.

They all clenched their fists while holding their weapons firmly. As they kept moving, everyone felt a slight bloodlust around the area, and the killing intent drew their brows to a frown. They gradually sweated and knew the situation was more severe than they expected.

The team reached the positi
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