Against Spiders

Back in the present, Tejasv and Daemon lashed out with their weapons at the spiders, their gaze unwavering. They both had no intention of stopping the onslaught of attacks they unleashed on the monsters.

They had already wrecked a few of the spiders with their sudden and unexpected attacks, but the noticeable fact was that even with those attacks, they couldn't overthrow every spider from their dominance.

The spiders watching and overseeing the situation from behind showed no fear or dismay as if they had the plan to turn the tides triggered by team Tejasv's two best warriors on the field.

As the fight continued, Tejasv and Daemon also knew the humongous spiders may take everything they had, and gradually their stamina would exhaust from the ongoing clash between them and the spiders.

To suppress the spiders hastily, Tejasv signalled the Daemon to strike the spiders, not providing them even slight chances of overthrowing this continuous barrage. Hence, he gestured for him to apply eve
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